Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Holiday Craft Extravaganza

  • Program Goals
    • Offer an inexpensive holiday program for families
    • Encourage creativity and using different art styles/materials
    • Help build gross and fine motor skills
Project: Felt softies
Sew and stuff shapes to make ornaments or just cute little presents.
  • Felt (die-cut gingerbread men, teddy bears, Christmas trees, stars)
  • Stuffing
  • Sewing materials
Project: Danish Christmas Hearts
These are woven heart baskets that can hold candy etc. It's tricky to weave them without ripping them if you use paper, and felt can get a bit twisted. This one needs more fine motor skills. Google "Danish Christmas hearts" for lots of instructions.
Project: Fuzzy tree friends
My associate made these cute felt candy cane mice - the kids really enjoyed it, but next time I'd probably cut a few more in advance. I think she got the pattern here.

  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Candy canes
  • Google eyes
  • Mouse pattern
  • Permanent markers
Project: Puzzle ornaments
Using up the puzzle pieces! You can paint these, but I'm not up for it by this time of the year usually. Again, I'd hot glue more ornaments in advance.

  • puzzle pieces
  • glue, glitter, glitter glue
  • hot glue gun (supervised)
Project: Ceramic ornaments
I got a deal on these, otherwise to get enough for potentially 50-60 people is too expensive. 

  • Ceramic ornaments (60?) (Discount School Supply)
  • Acrylic paint, brushes, aprons, paper plates, wax paper (to dry them on)
Project: Plastic ornaments
You need a lot of these and they are cheap plastic, so get extra! The big bubbles are the best, but people like the other shapes so I try to get some of them as well. Make sure you get the ones that pop open, otherwise kids will just fill them with sequins and nobody has that many sequins (except me b/c I have barrels in the basement)

  • Colorations Clear Ornaments (Discount School Supply)
  • Sequins, ribbon, glitter glue
  • glitter, containers to shake it in
  • glue, scissors, tablecloths
Project: Paper chains
If you don't have fancy paper, regular paper and markers works just fine.

  • Paper, markers, scissors, tape
Project: Glitter Pinecones
The important thing with this is to have enough big tubs to shake the glitter over and to remind people to tie their strings on FIRST.

  • Pinecones, yarn or ribbon
  • Glitter, glue, large plastic tubs

Project: 3-D paper ornaments
You fold the die cuts in half, glue the halves together. You do need symmetrical shapes. You need at least four, but you can add more and make it fancier. It works best if you glue the yarn or ribbon down the middle while/before you add shapes.

  • die cut shapes (Christmas trees, stars, gingerbread men)
  • hole punches, markers, scissors
  • Evaluation
    • 11-12-19
      • Projects: Danish Christmas Hearts; Magnets; Puzzle ornaments; Felt softies
      • Attendance: 45
      • Notes: Next year I want to move this to the community room and have more space. It's really crowded and I'd like to spread the projects out more.
    • 11-14-17
      • Project: Fuzzy tree friends; puzzle piece ornaments
      • Attendance: 52
      • Notes: Next time make more stuff in advance. This is right after the city-wide craft fair so it seems to be an ideal time.
    • 11-14-17
      • Project: Plastic ornaments
      • Attendance: 20
      • Notes: This was the evening session. We basically covered everything in glitter. I'd like to try these with melted crayons, but with older kids. Kids still have trouble fitting the ornaments together but I got the low-heat hot glue gun and just sealed everything. (funny note - one of the girls in the picture above came but she's in middle school now!)
    • 12-1-16 Plastic Ornaments and 3-D paper ornaments
      • Attendance: 60
      • Notes: We also had a Scholastic Book Fair, middle school program (upstairs) and high school choir in the lobby. Then a teen program afterwards. Our feet hurt, but we got everything out of the way with a minimal amount of glitter. I moved this back to the beginning of December and will have Lego Club for the final after school program.
    • 12-10-15
      • Project: Plastic ornaments
      • Attendance: 100
      • Notes: Around 200 ornaments, I think. Crazy number of people. Glitter everywhere.
    • 12-11-14
      • Attendance: 80
      • Connections/Feedback: Lots of people at the last minute, which was fine since I'm planning to extend this program to 5:30 next year. Most of these were people who haven't been in a while and they were very happy that we had enough for them and let them come at the end.
      • Notes: This year I found plastic ornaments from S&S Worldwide and ceramic ornaments from Discount School Supply. I bought them on sale so they were fairly cheap and I bought a lot, because attendance for this kind of thing can vary.
    • 12-5-13
      • Attendance: 60
      • Notes: I changed up the project because people had gotten bored with the glitter pinecones and 3-D paper ornaments. I wanted split open ornaments but couldn't find them - I used acrylic balls from Michaels (50 for about $35) and we made paper chains.
    • 12-6-12
      • Attendance: 50
      • Notes: We made glitter pine cones and 3-D paper ornaments. Having plastic tubs instead of leaky cardboard boxes for the glitter was a great improvement. I played some Christmas music because people came and went in small groups and it was really quiet.

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