Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Library on the Go Summer 2019

You can read more about my previous Library on the Go ventures and the origins in the earlier Library on the Go posts. Prior to summer I was given $500 from the Friends of the Library and purchased additional/new easy readers, graphic beginning chapters, and for the first time Spanish! I also took Library on the Go to two first grade classes during school visits/field trips at the end of the year. I also updated the bookmark so that, instead of having a schedule on one side and separate Spanish and English bookmarks, it has Spanish on one side and English on the other - I decided the schedule didn't matter.
  • 7-24-19: The Learning Curve
    • Read A couch for llama, I am a cat (none of the three year olds and only a few fours understand the concept of animal families) and Let's play. Took tops and wooden spinners to decorate. Checked out 35 books.
  • 7-18-19: Summer school
    • Last summer school visit. Checked out 23 books and took the button maker.
  • 7-17-19: The Learning Curve
    • I read The pigeon has to go to school, Claymates, and Hello, Hotdog to the three year olds and four year olds. None of them really "got" the new pigeon book and they're a bit young for Claymates. Did foam magnet kits with the fours. The school-agers got foam magnet kits and then we showed the ones who wanted to know how to make and use circular looms. A lot of kids are in summer school or gone - only 12 kids in the school-age room. Checked out 22 books.
  • 7-11-19: Summer School
    • Took my same volunteer (teenager) and we left the library at 11:30. I only brought about 24 tops and rubber duckies and they went fast. Checked out 18 books.
  • 7-3-19: The Learning Curve
    • I read Shark vs. Train, T. Rex Time Machine, Everyone Loves Bacon, and Old Hat. T. Rex Time Machine didn't really click with anyone, the three year olds LOVED Old Hat - they all wanted to climb on my lap afterwards and look at all the hats! and Shark vs. Train is an old favorite of everyone. The four year olds made magnet fishing kits that I brought from our summer activity kits and the school-age kids took turns listening to stories, getting a summer reading reminder, and checking out books and painting wooden animals I bought in kits from S&S Worldwide. I checked out a total of 50 books
  • 6-27-19: Summer School
    • I took a volunteer and started in the cafeteria about 11:30. We took the wooden beads. I only signed up 2 kids for summer reading; it's just too noisy. Checked out about 25 books and gave out lots of flyers for I Survived.
  • 6-26-19: The Learning Curve
    • I brought Dev Petty's frog books, my teen assistant, and wooden beads to decorate with permanent markers (extra beading bags for the four year olds). The kids were very absorbed by the project. Smaller group this week b/c some are at summer school. Checked out about 30 books
  • 6-20-19: Summer School
    • It's back at the middle school this year, which has been updated, especially the entrance. We originally set up in front of the office, meaning to move to the cafeteria in time for free lunch, but the bus lanes have changed. There really wasn't anyone there in the lobby. There were about 300 kids in for free lunch - I signed up about 16 for summer reading and checked out about 20 books. We had wooden beads to color and decorate. Next week I'll start later - try to get there about 11:45 - and just start in the cafeteria.
  • 6-12-19: The Learning Curve
    • I visited three year olds but just to read. In the four year old room I read That's not bunny, One day in the eucalyptus, eucalyptus tree, and Whoopsie, they decorated bookmarks (I forgot the stickers but remembered the stamper markers) and they each checked out one book. There were about 12 kids.
    • There were about 30 school-agers. I read them Whoopsie by Andrew Cangelose then left bookmarks and stampers with half of them in one room and went into the other room where I signed them up for summer reading and checked out 1-2 books for each kid.
    • I checked out a total of 65 books and signed up approximately 30 kids for summer reading. I don't care how much shelving there is, next time I'm bringing my aide, this was far too chaotic to do on my own. Luckily one of the teachers helped hand out book bags and bookmarks.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Get ready for kindergarten field trip: Michael Hall

  • Program goals
    • Introduce pre-kindergarteners to the library
    • Encourage kids to see the library as a fun place
  • Day before
    • Aides and volunteers
      • Sweep entrance area
      • Create giant dot-to-dot (see sketch) on sidewalk. There should be two identical sections on the curve by the grass verge. Write the numbers 1-20 in them with chalk
      • Shift picnic table and bike rack out of the sidewalk circle
      • Create a color/letter game with chalk. Alternate colors along the outer edge, then write vowels and common consonants on the inner radiations. Make the letters LARGE - the kids will be standing on them.
      • Tape hopscotch squares on lobby tiles
      • Bring storytime rug out and put it in front of the ys desk
  • Activities
    • Activity 1: Storytime (in front of YS desk): Jennifer
      • Perfect square
      • Frankencrayon
      • Little i
      • Cat tale
      • Red: a crayon's story
      • My heart is like a zoo
    • Activity 2: Art project (Storyroom): Terri
    • Kids create collages; try to use the materials creatively, make whatever they want. Put their names on their art project(s) and put them on the windowsills of the children's area
      • Paper scraps
      • Glue sticks
      • Markers
      • Scratch paper (yellow box)
      • Scissors
    • Activity 3: Outdoor games (WI St. entrance): Pattie (w/Kylee and Colin)
    • There are two giant dot-to-dots for the kids to use chalk to connect. The first two classes use one each, during snack Kylee and Colin will clean off the sidewalk and re-write them for the next two classes.
    • Color and letter game. Put the kids in the entrance and then call out instructions. Sample instructions:
      • Stand on a letter that is in your name.
      • If you have an "a" in your name, stand on a red line
      • Everyone whose name starts with "c" go to a green line
      • What letter makes the "u" sound
      • Find a letter that's in the word "cat"
      • Stand on a color that matches your clothes
    • Activity 4: Open playtime
    • No worries about anything being messy or noisy - it's the kid's area and they can just have fun!
      • The children's area has a geo block, duplo table, and kitchen set
      • Next to the ys desk - flannel board, magnet board, and puzzles
      • Watching the gerbils
      • Browsing books
Additional activities as needed (especially after snack)
 - Outdoors - Bubbles
 - Lobby - Hopscotch
 - Lobby - Pennies in wishing well

Rain contingencies
Kylee and Colin may need to redraw the outdoor games Wednesday morning
If it's raining Wednesday morning, the outdoor games will be set up with tape in the open meeting room space upstairs

Class 1
9:00-9:30 Storytime
9:30-10 Art project
 - 10 Snack in community room
10ish-10:30 Outdoor games
10:30-11 Open playtime

Class 2
9:00-9:30 Art project
9:30-10 Outdoor games
 - 10 Snack in community room
10ish-10:30 Open playtime
10:30-11 Storytime

Class 3
9:00-9:30 Outdoor games
9:30-10 Open playtime
 - 10 Snack in community room
10ish-10:30 Storytime
10:30-11 Art project

Class 4
9:00-9:30 Open playtime
9:30-10 Storytime
 - 10 Snack in community room
10ish-10:30 Art project
10:30-11 Outdoor games


Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Maker Workshop: Sewing skills to update and accessorize your clothes

Programming Goals

  • Offer a workshop that both expands sewing skills and offers simple activities for beginning sewers.
  • Incorporate hand sewing and machine sewing
  • Update sewing workshops to attract a new audience
  • Attendance: 10
Audience - all ages, emphasis on school-age and middle schoolers. Promote to homeschool, middle school, OPtions, and anime club

  • Instructions for sewing a skirt
  • T-shirt modifications
  • Cutting jeans down to shorts
  • Accessories
    • fabric flowers
    • headband
    • applique patches
To do
  • Update title - mod your clothes, accessorize your closet, sewing 2.0?
  • Volunteers and staff - Rosie, Allison, Sue, Katie? Laura? Maribeth? the not-twins mom - will she lend us any additional machines?
  • 2 Brother machines need to be cleaned and repaired (Friends meeting in October for funding)
  • Light bulb for Dressmaker, zipper feet, elastic, 2nd iron (do I still have that fusible webbing?), check to see if Dressmaker has a zigzag stitch and if it works. Sort sewing supplies - do I need more buttons? tape measures?
  • Sort and organize fabric - additional cotton, collect old t-shirts
  • Sew Creative (has skirt measurements), Sewing School, check other sewing books
  • Marketing - Eryca Card, Jean at OPtions, girl scouts - Jenny and Shelly?

Maker Workshop: Miniatures

  • Program Goals
    • Teach kids new skills
    • Offer the opportunity for hands-on learning
    • Promote nonfiction
  • 3D dollhouse furniture from Amazon
    • I bought two sets of this and could have used more! I had volunteers pre-cut it, but I think if I did it again I'd let people break it out themselves, so they could match it up more easily.
  • wooden shapes from Amazon
    • small rectangles and various sized circles - would buy more next time
  • cardboard
    • boxes and precut
  • fairy garden and other miniatures from Amazon
  • craft wire (Twisteez) from Amazon (look for the right listing or it's really expensive)
  • popsicle sticks of various sizes
  • acrylic paint and supplies
  • permanent markers
  • misc./optional supplies
    • felt, yarn, fabric scraps
    • handmade paper scraps
    • pipe cleaners
    • sewing tools
    • misc. small recyclables
    • old board game pieces
    • corks (donated)
  • hot glue guns
  • xacto knife
  • kitchen shears
  • regular scissors
  • regular tape and duct tape
  • D.I.Y. Dollhouse, ISBN: 1616896078
    • This was the best resource. I also had other dollhouse books collected from the library
Kids of all ages and abilities are invited to register for a miniatures workshop. We’ll be using cardboard, recycled materials, wood, and other materials to create our own dollhouse furnishings.

Required skills
  • Ability to work independently and wait patiently for assistance when needed.
  • Ability to safely use hot glue gun, x-acto knife, and heavy-duty scissors OR to not touch them or work with them if you are unable to use them safely.