Saturday, March 9, 2019

Outreach: Elkhorn Mini Maker Faire

The Elkhorn Mini Maker Faire started in 2018. It's the brainchild of a science/PLTW teacher and the high school librarian. Because our school district is awesome, they invite me to participate! I like to take a wide variety of hands-on materials showcasing our maker spaces, maker kits, and maker workshops. These are our projects and supplies

Maker Projects and Supplies
  • 2 sewing machines
    • pre-cut fabric squares and trim for handles, thread, scissors
  • Button maker
    • includes 2 punches, old magazines and books, paper templates, gel pens
  • Looms
    • Melissa and Doug loom and round loom, yarn
  • Ozobots
    • Classroom set, markers, paper
  • Spirograph
    • paper, pens
  • DIY puppets
    • large popsicle sticks, felt, glue dots, scissors, permanent markers
Technology, materials
  • Bloxels
  • 2 ipads (mini and other), scanner, hotspot
  • Books, circulating maker kits (bags for checkout)
  • extension cords
  • camera
  • water, snacks
  • Holder for flyers
  • Sign-up/interest sheet for maker workshops and ozobots
  • Newsletters
  • Flyers: Train tracks, Elephant and Piggie, Cupcake Wars, Bookaneers, Minecraft, Sewing workshops
  • I worked about 8-5, with a colleague there with his family giving me a break around noon. I had one staff member scheduled 8-2 and one of my teens scheduled 1-5. I also had a middle school volunteer 8-11 and my teen aide's mom took the tables back to the library in her van. I had to send my associate back for stuff I missed in the morning and she took a load with her when she left at 2; the rest we fit in my car.
  • Looms, bloxels, and DIY puppets weren't used. I might take the Osmo next time.
  • The school generously gave us a lot of space, so we had two tables for ozobots, two tables for checkout and button-making, a table for the spirograph, and a table for sewing. Some people didn't realize the sewing was our table because it was around the corner and next time I'd flip it so people aren't sitting with their back to the room; we would have had more people watching/participating if they could have seen better I think.

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