Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Art Workshop/STEM Challenge: Mini Cardboard City

 Program Goals
    • Drop-in program for all ages
    • Experiment with art techniques and supplies
    • Experiment with science concepts and materials
    • Build fine motor skills
    • Build STEM skills
    • Attendance: 20
  • Recyclables including a vast number of boxes
  • Scissors, regular and heavy-duty, xacto knives, hot glue
  • Masking and duct tape
  • Acrylic paint, ice cube trays, paint brushes
I adapted this from Art Workshop for Children by Barbara Rucci

How it works
I showed kids (and their parents) pictures in the book of some sample mini cities. Then they came up with their own creations!

The aftermath in my office
  • 1-22-19
    • Attendance: 10
    • Notes: This was the same program with a STEM focus, so looking more towards construction. However, we had a massive winter storm on its way in so only a few kids were there. They had fun though.
  • 10-9-18
    • Attendance: 20ish
    • Notes: People really were all over the place with this. A couple made small houses out of tissue or other small boxes or containers. One family fulfilled a long-held dream of a large cardboard house with shelves. I worked on prefabbing dollhouses for another program, but a family was so into them that they ended up taking and decorating most of them. I went through two cheap xacto knives and a vast amount of hot glue. We ended up with a ton of leftover recyclables which my aide and I sorted and then she recycled most of them. Several people want me to repeat this program - probably in January after orders have refilled our box supply. Note - flattening them for storage is no good, they won't put them back together!

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