Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Art workshop: Ink marbling

  • Program Goals
    • Drop-in program for all ages
    • Experiment with art techniques and supplies
    • Build fine motor skills
    • Attendance: 20


  • Colorations ultimate art paper
  • Muslin scraps
  • Suminagashi marbling inks (purchased on Amazon)
  • tubs, water source (hose), ice cub trays, paintbrushes, aprons
  • paper scraps, pens, paper clips
How it works

  • Kids use the paintbrushes to tap, paint, drip, or splatter ink into the tubs, which are filled with about two inches of water. Then they drop the paper or muslin in, peel it out, and it transfers the design to the item. The paper scraps are to label the kids' art with their names
  • The main effort involved in this is my staff (I scheduled both teens) emptying and refilling the water tubs and labeling and moving the marbled art out to dry.


  • 10-2-18
    • Attendance: 20
    • Notes: This is a popular and easy art program. It's important to remember that construction paper doesn't work well for this (the art paper worked well and cardstock does well too). Different kinds of muslin work better than other kinds, but I forgot to note which ones worked better last time... one aide had a great idea to stick masking tape with the kids' names onto the shelves where we put the art to dry.

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