Friday, December 21, 2018

Library on the Go: School Year, 2018-2019

How the program works: I have a grant-funded collection of paperback easy readers and beginning chapter books. I take them to classrooms during the school year and various outreach venues during the summer. Kids can "check out" 1-2 books without a library card, due dates, or fines.

The books are cataloged under professional and as serials. The general categories are graphic novels (Squish, Bad Guys, Dragonbreath, Lunch Lady), Scholastic Branches, I Can Read easy readers, National Geographic Easy Readers, and various other series. When I check them out, I use our portable scanner and mini ipad and check them out on an outreach card so we get circs. If they don't come back after about 6-8 months, I delete them. So far about 80% have returned.
Fall 2018
  • 12-21-18 Tibbets 1st grade (2 classes)
    • Last Library on the Go of the year! I hope to get more funding through grants to replenish my supplies next year.
  • 12-13-18 OPtions (approx 30 kids)
    • Lots of checkouts today! I brought some leftover die cuts to decorate and quite a few kids wanted to chat while they were preparing for their holiday concert.
  • 11-30-18 Tibbets 1st grade (2 classes)
    • A nice big stack of returned books (one got eaten by a dog. It happens!) and the kids really liked Pterodactyl show and tell and Stegothesaurus.
  • 11-8-18 OPtions (approx 30 kids)
    • I had just gotten the hotspot back and it hadn't been charged so I ended up having to write all the barcodes down. Younger kids were excited to check out books, older kids were excited about the upcoming events (Harry Potter and holiday crafts for those not allowed HP). The younger kids played a little with the Ozobots - the older kids had to go straight outside, which was fine b/c I needed to be back earlier today for a meeting.
  • 11-7-18 Jackson wrap-around care (approx. 17 kids)
    • I brought two Ozobots, which were the hit of the evening, as well as the marble run. I also had a couple science kits from a neighboring library. I know most of the kids and they were excited to see me and check out books - probably checked out around 10 books total. They wanted me to come every day!
  • 10-24-18 Tibbets 1st grade (2 classes)
    • There was a little worry that not all the books from last time had been returned, but I reassured the teachers (and kids) that it was fine - no due dates remember? Even without an assistant, it went smoothly and the kids were excited and happy to pick out a new book. We read Those darn squirrels and Round Robin.
  • 10-11-18 OPtions charter school
    • I came earlier - a little past 11 - and the first group of 4K kids (four boys) were ready for lunch a little past 11:30. I checked out books, chatted with kids, and passed out flyers for upcoming programs (including teen after hours next week). I brought our two ozobots to advertise an upcoming program - the older kids have a "free period" and while some of them played soccer in the gym the rest played with (i.e. wrestled and argued lol) over the ozobots.
  • 9-21-18 Tibbets 1st grade (2 classes)
    • I've done Library on the Go with a 2nd grade class here once, and I regularly visit the kindergarten. This was my first 1st grade visits. We had a number of glitches (scanner stopped working, we set up in the wrong (empty) classroom, etc.) but luckily my colleague was here with me today so with two it was easier. I'll be on my own in the future. The kids were thrilled, they've always complained that they don't see me after kindergarten. I read This is a Taco and We don't eat our classmates and handed out reminders for book club and the Princess in Black party at the library tomorrow. I also dropped off books for a teacher, the queen of summer reading crown for the school librarian, and did my three kindergarten storytimes as well. Note to self: remember your id for the new checking procedure next month.
  • 9-20-18 OPtions charter school
    • I had a miss my first day here - I came too late (12:30) and missed the preschool - 2nd grade age group, which is the real audience. However, I did check out a handful of books and, what was even more exciting, reminded a lot of kids about book club and anime club and we later had good turnouts for both! I also dropped off some books for teachers/parents.

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