Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Big Splash

  • Program Goals
    • End of summer party
    • Quick and easy program
  • Staff: Need at least two volunteers or staff to run the outdoor activities and one inside for summer reading/paint supervision.
  • Paint (Storyroom)
    • paint cups, paint brushes, paper
  • Outdoor activities
    • hose, sprinkler, pools, tubs
    • Balloons, bubble wands, bubble solution, squirt guns, balls for the pools (this is when we clean them)
    • water toys (optional)
    • Popsicles, cooler, scissors

  • 8-11-18
    • Attendance: 30
    • Notes: That's an average. Only 2 kids painted, but they cleaned up carefully and they do really love paint so I might leave that in. One of my teen aides, an adult volunteer, and two teen volunteers ran the outdoors. The kids loved the squirt guns and other water toys. The water balloons went fast, as they always do. We realized we didn't have much bubble solution at the last minute, but I had a bunch of soap left over from a different program. Somebody had to run home to get the cooler for the popsicles too.
  • 7-29-17
    • Attendance: 30
    • Notes: First time we used our new gardens. Lots of pools and I added dirt. The kids weren't into it - I think they were scared of getting dirty. I used balloons I bought online and they were so tough they didn't break! The kids loved it - they were carrying them home (and through the library).
  • 7-30-16
    • Attendance: 16
    • Notes: Summer reading didn't end today and this summer has been slow so I ran this with my two aides. They did all the set up and clean up (and threw most of the water balloons at each other, I think...)
  • 8-1-15
    • Attendance: 65
    • Feedback/Connections: Parents, especially of little ones, really love this program. It's very laid back and casual and the gentle sprinkler and small pools are perfect for this age group with the paint as an afterwards/rainy weather activity
    • Notes: I always underestimate the amount of staff I need for this. Note to self -need FOUR staff - one to handle summer reading, one to supervise outside, one to supervise inside, and one to move around between the three spots. Also, next year I need something to fill water balloons more quickly and easily!

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