Friday, June 15, 2018

We Explore Favorite Artist Leo Lionni

I did bleeding art tissue for the first half and then stamped with the sponges (all big fish) for the second half. Went well. About 10 people were there.
  • Program Goals
    • Introduce Leo Lionni and his art
    • Encourage building motor skills
    • Encourage experimenting with artistic techniques
    • Attendance: 10
Art Project Part 1: Bleeding art tissue (10-10:15)
  • I had some thick, textured canvas donated so this year I had the kids color it with crayons and then use bleeding art tissue
  • Supplies
    • Canvas or thick paper
    • Crayons
    • bleeding art tissue, paintbrushes, water
Storytime/Snacktime (10:15-10:40)
  • Sing the Storytime Song to call people to the rug
  • Depending on the age of the audience, we talk about the art in the books. With younger kids we will recognize colors or shapes; older kids we'll talk more about techniques.
  • Books
    • Little Blue and Little Yellow
    • Swimmy
    • Inch by Inch
    • Alphabet Tree
    • Color of his own
  • Supplies
    • Goldfish crackers
    • Dixie cups and napkins
Art Project Part 2: Sponge painting (10:45-11)
  • I had clean and dry sponges both in squares and cut into fish shapes. I put a few colors of paint on platters and they stamped their pictures.
  • Supplies
    • Aprons
    • Paint (I used biocolor, but fingerpaint works too)
    • Sponges cut into shapes
    • Platters or paper plates for the sponges
  • 6-15-18
    • Attendance: 15
    • Notes: The weather was very iffy. I expect small groups for this though, so it was ok. I had mostly toddler and a couple preschoolers. We read Swimmy, A color of his own, and Inch by inch. Once again, nobody checked out Lionni books. Sigh.
  • 6-22-16
    • Attendance: 11
    • Notes: I used tissue paper for the collage and they just added it to their paper plates. It was a small but very involved group today!
  • 2-21-14
    • Notes: Leo Lionni was a favorite author/illustrator of my childhood and it makes me sad to see how few people seem to read him anymore. Plus, he's got very recognizable art! Alphabet Tree didn't come in time (I need to plan farther ahead!) and I forgot to get fruit until the last minute and then I was too busy, so we just had goldfish. A pack of four sponges didn't make that many shapes, so I found some more sponge shapes in the cupboard, so we had almost 20, and then adding some sponge brushes. The torn paper went kind of fast, so a lot of people went back out to play while latecomers did the craft. I need a bell or something! I just went out and clapped and sang an impromptu "it's storytime" thing. I did read A Color of His Own, but not Cornelius. The sponge painting was a HUGE hit (except for the little boy who thought we were going to be using rubber stamps). They did much better about stamping lightly than I thought they would! Nobody checked any Lionni books out, but I need to get shinier copies I think.

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