Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Get ready for kindergarten field trip: Michael Hall

  • Program goals
    • Introduce pre-kindergarteners to the library
    • Encourage kids to see the library as a fun place
  • Day before
    • Aides and volunteers
      • Sweep entrance area
      • Create giant dot-to-dot (see sketch) on sidewalk. There should be two identical sections on the curve by the grass verge. Write the numbers 1-20 in them with chalk
      • Shift picnic table and bike rack out of the sidewalk circle
      • Create a color/letter game with chalk. Alternate colors along the outer edge, then write vowels and common consonants on the inner radiations. Make the letters LARGE - the kids will be standing on them.
      • Tape hopscotch squares on lobby tiles
      • Bring storytime rug out and put it in front of the ys desk
  • Activities
    • Activity 1: Storytime (in front of YS desk): Jennifer
      • Perfect square
      • Frankencrayon
      • Little i
      • Cat tale
      • Red: a crayon's story
      • My heart is like a zoo
    • Activity 2: Art project (Storyroom): Terri
    • Kids create collages; try to use the materials creatively, make whatever they want. Put their names on their art project(s) and put them on the windowsills of the children's area
      • Paper scraps
      • Glue sticks
      • Markers
      • Scratch paper (yellow box)
      • Scissors
    • Activity 3: Outdoor games (WI St. entrance): Pattie (w/Kylee and Colin)
    • There are two giant dot-to-dots for the kids to use chalk to connect. The first two classes use one each, during snack Kylee and Colin will clean off the sidewalk and re-write them for the next two classes.
    • Color and letter game. Put the kids in the entrance and then call out instructions. Sample instructions:
      • Stand on a letter that is in your name.
      • If you have an "a" in your name, stand on a red line
      • Everyone whose name starts with "c" go to a green line
      • What letter makes the "u" sound
      • Find a letter that's in the word "cat"
      • Stand on a color that matches your clothes
    • Activity 4: Open playtime
    • No worries about anything being messy or noisy - it's the kid's area and they can just have fun!
      • The children's area has a geo block, duplo table, and kitchen set
      • Next to the ys desk - flannel board, magnet board, and puzzles
      • Watching the gerbils
      • Browsing books
Additional activities as needed (especially after snack)
 - Outdoors - Bubbles
 - Lobby - Hopscotch
 - Lobby - Pennies in wishing well

Rain contingencies
Kylee and Colin may need to redraw the outdoor games Wednesday morning
If it's raining Wednesday morning, the outdoor games will be set up with tape in the open meeting room space upstairs

Class 1
9:00-9:30 Storytime
9:30-10 Art project
 - 10 Snack in community room
10ish-10:30 Outdoor games
10:30-11 Open playtime

Class 2
9:00-9:30 Art project
9:30-10 Outdoor games
 - 10 Snack in community room
10ish-10:30 Open playtime
10:30-11 Storytime

Class 3
9:00-9:30 Outdoor games
9:30-10 Open playtime
 - 10 Snack in community room
10ish-10:30 Storytime
10:30-11 Art project

Class 4
9:00-9:30 Open playtime
9:30-10 Storytime
 - 10 Snack in community room
10ish-10:30 Art project
10:30-11 Outdoor games


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