Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Messy Art Club: Make it stick!

  • Program Goals
    • Encourage creativity and using different art styles/materials
    • Help build gross and fine motor skills
    • 25 attendance
Project: Sticker resist
How it works: The kids are supposed to put stickers on the paper, paint with watercolors, then remove the stickers to leave a shape. It never works quite like I want it to - I think I need better paper and/or stickers.

  • liquid watercolors
  • paper (need watercolor paper)
  • stickers (still using the shape stickers from 3 years ago!)
  • paint cups, brushes, tablecloths, aprons, paper towels
Project: Tape art and stickers
How it works: I collected as many different kinds of tape and stickers as I could.

  • Stickers - geometrical shapes, small glittery stickers, and everything I could find in the cupboard
  • Tape - colored masking tape, colored craft tape (or washi tape)
  • Markers, Paper

  • 4-17-18: Tape art and stickers
    • Attendance: 30
    • Notes: I was setting up for Eric Carle the next day. I basically put out a ton of tape and stickers and the families enjoyed themselves.
  • 1-26-17: Sticker resist
    • Attendance: 25
    • Notes: Didn't work exactly as I'd hoped, but the kids who came enjoyed it.
  • 3-20-14
    • Attendance: 54
    • Notes: This is a new idea I had for a Messy Art Club when I was thinking about how much the kids looooved stickers. It was super easy - and super fun. Some of the kids had a little frozen moment while they tried to decide what to do, but most of them jumped right in and they all ended up having fun. We were sticky for almost the whole time and 54 people came!

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