Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I Spy Aquarium

Continued in 2017/2018 by my new associate, Terri. She's added in even more difficult challenges but has gotten a great turnout from kids who want to find everything! We did learn not to put money or candy in though...

February 2016
This was a hard one to get a picture of!

Winter Theme, January 2015

Winter Holidays by Jess, December 2015

Created by Jess, October 2015, Fall Camouflage

Updated April 2015! We have a new list for marking off the items that includes both pictures and words and a sticker reward. The response was HUGE. We went from less than 20 to over 100 participants in a month. The kids were much more enthusiastic about the stickers than expected and I had to put stickers at the other desks, since they were enthusiastic enough to trek up to the circ and information desks and ask for their sticker.

I started this in the summer of 2014. My aide put together the first one, then a volunteer, then I turned it over to my new associate, who does amazing work. We count participation by the number of lists used, although a lot more people look at and talk about it than use the lists.

Created by Jess, School Display, August 2015

Created by Jess, Under the Sea theme for April 2015

Created by Jess. March 2015

Created by a volunteer. Winter 2014

Created by a summer aide. Summer 2014


Unknown said...

I am a school librarian in Texas, and would love to use this idea in my library. Could you give me a "how-to" on getting one up and running.

Jennifer said...

I think it was actually a school library I originally got the idea from! To get aquariums just ask - I asked on our library's facebook page and ended up with about 3. Everyone seems to have old aquariums. The stuff to go in them - just random bits from the storage closet, staff brought in old stuff, etc. As you can see, you can either just put stuff in for the kids to look at or you can match it up with a sheet for them to mark off each item as they find it. Just depends on how much time you have/age of your kids. We used old, withdrawn I Spy books for the background on the latest one.