Friday, March 27, 2015

Annual Spring Break T-Shirt Party

  • Program Goals
    • Signal a program break
    • Bring people into the library
    • Encourage creativity
    • Attendance: 45
  • Evaluation
    • 3-27-15
      • Attendance: 31
      • Feedback/Connections: Several new families and lots of familiar faces. Everyone really enjoyed it and I was excited to see some of my special needs patrons for the first time.
      • Notes: This was the smallest group I've ever had - and it was wonderful. The only drawback was issues with the paint AGAIN. Tops popping off, smaller paint going blurt, very annoying. I need a new paint supplier.
    • 3-24-14
      • Attendance: 44
      • Feedback/Connections: People really appreciated the new, more organized program. It was too chaotic in the past.
      • Notes: Lots of changes. Spring Break was earlier, I had 2 staff assisting (one to run the ironing table, one to fetch and carry), I did not require registration, I had people bring their own t-shirts, I put all the materials on tables at the end with instructional signs, like Messy Art Club, and covered all the tables. I also remembered to dust the shelf tops to put the t-shirts on.
  • Fabric Crayons
    • Paper, pencils, tracing paper, permanent markers, stencils, flannelboard books
    • Iron, newspaper, towels
    • Instruction sheets
  • Fabric markers
  • Fabric paint
  • Extra t-shirts
  • Other
    • Tablecloths, wipes, paper towels
Programs from previous years

4-1-13: This year, I did the annual t-shirt program on Easter Monday, since we had a longer Spring Break. I had to borrow staff, including our director, to help me run the program again. No volunteers were available and my aide had classes.  I supervised, took pictures, cleaned up paint while our page/aide/etc. handed out shirts, ferried shirts over to the library to dry on top of the shelves and helped clean up. I had a smaller group this year (only about 65 people, as opposed to last year's 80 people) because I limited registration more strictly. Last year was too crowded and there wasn't room for everyone. In the past I've had a sewing table, but it's not used much and I was just too dazed and sick to deal with it this time. Plans for next year: Move the program back to Tuesday of Spring Break (or whenever Parks and Rec will let me have the room), have 2 sessions, and have people bring their own shirts then offer more options for decorating. Also, not be sick. [addendum - do not accidentally delete all the pictures you took!]
Fabric Crayon Table (2+ Ironing/misc. table)
  • Fabric crayons (still using supply I found in closet five years ago but it's about time for new ones)
  • Paper, pencils, tracing paper, permanent markers, stencils, flannelboard books to trace for ideas
  • Display board - remind people that words are reversed and only the crayons will transfer
  • Iron table - iron, scratch paper, volunteer (or, in this case, director!)
  • Cover tables with plastic - crayon is really hard to get off these tables
  • People still got confused about what was for ironing, but it was ok. I need to remember to put cardboard under the iron next year. The table might a little.
Fabric markers
  • Markers in tubs, cover tables in plastic
Fabric paint
  • Paint in tubs, cover tables in plastic
  • This last batch of paint I got from Discount School Supply had defective tops. They popped off and paint splatted. It was awful - one yellow one exploded across the rug.
Other supplies
  • t-shirts at door
  • newspaper to slide between shirts

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