Friday, January 30, 2015

We Explore Favorite Artist Laura Vaccaro Seeger

  • Program Goals
    • Introduce Laura Vaccaro Seeger and her art
    • Encourage gross and fine motor skills (cutting, gluing, painting)
    • 20 children and adults in attendance
  • Evaluation
    • 1-30-15
      • Attendance: 17
      • Connections/Feedback: I had several new families, including a mom and grandma with a little girl who tried finger paint for the first time!
      • Notes: This group was younger and so we only did three stories - First the Egg, Lemons, and Black? White! They were very interested but got wiggly quickly so we didn't talk much about the art itself.
Art Project Part 1: Collage (10-10:15)
I had a huge box of handmade paper for them to choose from and the kids did cutting and gluing to make pictures. This isn't directly related to Seeger's art, but she does emphasize textures and brushstrokes. At 10:15ish, I sing the Storytime Song

  • Handmade paper (donated)
  • Recycled cardstock
  • Scissors, glue
Storytime/Snacktime: 10:15-10:40
I get all the kids more or less sitting down and ask a parent or two to pass out the snack during the first story. Depending on the age of the kids, we'll talk about different aspects of the art, anything from identifying colors and shapes to asking questions about the author's process and materials.

  • First the Egg
  • Lemons are not red
  • Black? White! Day? Night!
  • Green
  • Hidden Alphabet

Art Project Part 2: Fingerpaint (10:40-11)
I encouraged them to use thick, swirling strokes like Seeger's art.


  • fingerpaint
  • paper
  • wet wipes

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