Monday, February 1, 2016

Take Home Storytime: Penguins

  • Program Goals
    • Pass on early literacy message and encourage families to continue early literacy at home
    • Encourage circulation and storytime attendance
    • Reach families who are unable to attend storytime
  • Notes for the future
    • Last used winter 2016
Miss storytime? You can practice many of the early literacy concepts we use in storytime at home! Don't forget to sign up for text alerts so you can make it to the next storytime!

Theme: Penguins

Use the five early literacy practices; talking, singing, reading, playing and writing with these books and projects!

TALK about penguins. How are they different from other birds? How are they the same?

Get ready to WRITE by decorating your penguin pieces and gluing them together. Make up a story about your penguin and write it on the back!

SING a song of penguins! Try singing to the tune of "If you're happy and you know it" and make up your own motions.
I am Mr. Penguin, Penguin white and black
I have flippers, flippers, flippers that I flap
When I walk I waddle, waddle, When I talk I bobble, bobble
I am Mr. Penguin, Penguin, white and black

PLAY with your penguin pieces before gluing them together. What shapes do you see? What different pictures can you make?

READ fun books! Letting your child choose books will help build print motivation, the enjoyment of books and reading. You can find books about penguins and other birds in the ANIMALS/BIRDS neighborhood (yellow stickers)

For more library events, new books, and more, check out our website at, join us on Facebook, or talk to a librarian. Please let me know if you have suggestions or questions!

Jennifer Wharton, Youth Services Librarian, 723-2678 ext. 14


Storytime Fun said...

Jennifer, do you mind if I share this post on our "Storytimes and More Saturday Share" this week? I was looking around your blog after following the link you shared on last week's SMSShare and I really love the "interactive" aspect of your storytime plan. Let me know if you are okay with me adding a link this week.

~ K ~

Jennifer said...

sure, go ahead!