Thursday, January 22, 2015

Messy Art Club: Sewing

Angry Bird and sling
  • Program Goals
    • Encourage creativity and problem-solving
    • Allow children to experience different art products and styles
    • Develop fine motor abilities
    • Attendance: 35
  • Evaluation
    • 1-22-15
      • Attendance: 19
      • Feedback/Connections: This was a very small group but I have a couple people who would really like me to do sewing workshops again and they come to this. I really should get that started again...
      • Notes: I felt like ick and was exhausted from the morning outreach. Nobody really stayed much past five though, thankfully. The stuff the kids glued really isn't permanent, but no way was I dealing with a glue gun.
    • 7-17-14
      • Attendance: 48
      • Notes: I had a lot of felt scraps and wanted to do something with them. I had reservations a little too close to the event about doing something potentially involving sewing with the volume of kids I often have in the summer, but I was supposed to have multiple volunteers so I hoped it would be ok. My volunteers did show up and one turned out to be excellent. All the kids but one were accompanied by adults who enjoyed getting to be a little crafty as well.
  • Recycled cardstock
  • Felt scraps
  • Die cut felt shapes
  • Buttons
  • Yarn
  • Needles, thread, stuffing
  • Glue, staples
  • Scissors
  • Pencils
I have a needle rule - I don't put them out to take, they have to get them from me, an aide or volunteer. They are responsible for holding the needle the ENTIRE time they have it and they are NOT to lay it down somewhere and forget it! Same thing with the good/sharp scissors

8-1-13: I had my aides help cut out the interfacing this year as I ran out of time to do it at home. I didn't have graph paper - forgot to bring it from home. We've been having smaller groups this year, so I didn't bother with the handout. There will always be some people who say "oh, we came to that last year, why are you doing it again?" but that's balanced by the "oh, we came to that last year, we loved it, we're so glad you're doing it again!" people. About 30 people came, which was fewer than last year, but that's ok. At this point I want small groups!
  • 8-2-12: The instruction sheet worked a little better - people took a few home and I still went hoarse going over and over the instructions, but it wasn't as bad as it's been before. This was fun, but time-consuming to prepare! A lot of people had to wait in line for us to iron and we had to rearrange most of the quilts so all the interfacing was covered. Fun, but it might be a while before I try it again. 38 quilts were made, so about 50 people came I think. Note - do not expect your iron to be in good condition afterwards, as some interfacing will get on it. The one I used we also use for crayon melting.
Project: No-Sew Quilts

How it works: I cut all the fabric and interfacing at home with my rotary cutter. It took quite a while. Kids chose 16 squares, cut and arranged them, then layered muslin, fusible webbing/interfacing, and the squares. I also had paper for them to make paper quilts while they waited and the for the younger kids. The graph paper and tracing paper was for them to lay out their arrangement.

  • 50 1 ft. squares of muslin
  • 50 1 ft. squares of fusible webbing
  • 800+ 3 inch squares
  • Pencils, rulers, graph paper, scissors, iron
  • Construction paper and glue
Handout (given out at door with muslin and interfacing)

Our project today: Making quilts!

What do we do?
  • Get a muslin and interfacing square (handed out at door)
  • Pick out 16 small squares of fabric
  • Use the tracing paper, pencils, and rules to design your quilt
  • Cut your fabric as needed (remember, measure twice, cut once!)
  • Layer your muslin, interfacing, and colored squares in that order
  • Take to the ironing table - the iron will melt the interfacing and bond the muslin and colored squares together
  • If you'd like to make more quilts, there is paper and glue to make paper quilts!
Ways to make your quilt even cooler, especially if you have some sewing skills:
  • Zigzag stitch over the edges of each square
  • Stitch binding tape over the edges to outline your design
  • Add a frame!

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