Friday, July 11, 2014

We Explore Puppets

  • 7-11-14: I forgot I was doing an afternoon program today and scheduled this in the morning. I also forgot it was senior travel - no parking! This is the last playgroup I'll do for a while. I enjoy these and they have a nice, steady attendance but I'm cutting back on programs and my director would like me to do more specifically planned things. So, last one. About 25 people came, everyone had a good time. Bye-bye puppets!
  • 1-24-13: I've decided this is a good fall-back play group that we can do every couple months. About 20 people show up and it's very casual. I don't stay in the room, just kind of wander in and out and chat with parents, help people find books, suggest upcoming programs, etc.
  • 7-26-13: It was raining and quite a few people showed up - over 20. We had lots of fun and it was a nice, casual play time. I also told a lot of people about our circulating toys, so they could take puppets home with them. I decided to make my summer we explores much more casual, drop-in type events. I'm planning the school year ones to be more performer/outside programmer oriented. I simply have too much to do to handle such an involved program and we weren't getting the numbers to justify the time.
For this program I opened up the Storyroom puppet theater and brought out all the puppets. I also had materials available for the kids to make their own puppets.

  • Die cut shapes
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Tape, markers, crayons

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