Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Outreach: Lakeland School

Prep: Before the class arrives, block the emergency exit in the storyroom (just put some chairs in front of it so it's still accessible, but we don't lose any kids). Wait at the door to welcome students in from the bus.

Tour: A short tour of the lower level, paying particular attention to the circulation area (older classes may observe while we check out a book on the school's institutional card), looking at all the things in Technical Services, and ending up in the Storyroom. Tours depend very much on the make up of the class. Be aware of kids who will run away and keep things very short and simple.

Storytime: Simple books with interactive elements. Don't go too fast - give the kids time to respond - but stay upbeat and energetic. Don't try to get every kid participating; make sure they can all see what's happening and then let the teachers monitor their level of participation. Be prepared for meltdowns or kids losing interest - teachers and aides will handle this, just keep going!
  • Go away big green monster by Ed Emberley (puppet available)
  • What will fat cat sit on? by Jan Thomas
  • The wide-mouthed frog by Keith Faulkner (pop-up)
  • Press here by Herve Tullet
Craft: Not all the kids will be into crafts, but you can have something available. Best choice is a simple die-cut (gingerbread man, bat, owl, or fish are our large ones), markers and crayons. Have the white tables ready to pull out and set up - remember these kids are taller than our toddlers and/or in wheelchairs to pull up to the table.

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