Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Reading 2013 Edition

These are the programs I'm doing this year:

Rubber Ducky Readers
Dig into Reading
  • Ages 3-12
  • Turn in a bookmark each week and receive a prize
  • I convinced a number of children's librarians in our consortium to adapt and use a bookmark program based on Marge Loch-Wouters' summer reading bookmarks last year. It went great and we made a few changes for this year, but are basically sticking with the same formula.
  • I try for prizes under 50 cents but stuff the kids can actually "do" something with, not just add to their stash of plastic crap. Some of the prizes I'm using this year:
    • One of the week's prizes is a book. I have built up quite a large stash from donations, Scholastic warehouse sales, and review copies and ARCs. This is very popular - kids love choosing a book
    • Hi-bounce balls - our next most popular prize. I got them on sale this year so they were even cheaper! They have lots of different patterns.
    • Wooden shapes from Discount School Supply. We've tried the 3-D ones, but they were too confusing so I just get their selection of different shapes that kids can decorate.
    • Frog poppers, mini bubbles, plastic snakes, card games, color me hand puppets, stickers, and mini playdough are a few of the other things I give out.
  • Funded by Kohls cares for kids, a couple local businesses, and my supply budget (donations were down this year, but fortunately I got a LOT of Kohls money)
Super Readers Club
  • Ages 6-12
  • Turn in a reading log in August and choose up to 7 passes/prizes (program is supplemental to Dig into Reading - i.e. you can do both)
  • I had voracious readers complaining that the bookmark program was too easy and I got tired of having to investigate each pass to see at what age children needed a ticket and then having to double-check all the kids to see which ones actually needed a pass and which could get in free and it was a pain for staff to remember to hand out the passes. So I decided that only Super Readers would earn the passes. I fully expect some irate parents to come down on me, especially if we get County Fair passes this year, but I will live through it. I had plenty of backlash when I stopped doing drawing prizes for the younger kids and that turned out to be a good decision. Our consortium provides the passes and I will supplement with leftover prizes as needed.
Teen Summer Reading
  • Ages 13+
  • Every week you turn in a review sheet you get to choose a book OR a prize (i.e. candy bar). You can turn in as many sheets as you want, although you only get one prize per week. In August I collect all the sheets and do a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift certificate.
  • I only have about 20 teens who participate and somewhere around 17 they usually join the adult program. I've shared this form with the rest of the consortium, but I think only one other library is using it.
Summer Reading - Daycare Version
  • I have been thinking about this for a while and after I saw a presentation at WLA from...I think Appleton librarians? I decided this was the year. I started with the small daycare that I visit every month (they only have about 20 school-age kids in the summer). I made three logs, Listeners and Pre-Readers, Beginning Readers, and Independent Readers and made several copies for the classrooms.
  • In mid-June, I will be taking the logs and a selection of books and visiting whatever kids happen to be there that day. The kids and teachers will color in the shapes throughout the summer and then I'll go back in mid-August, pick up the logs, and distribute ice cream coupons! I'm thinking about taking stickers too.
  • If this works out well, I'll try it with the BIG daycare in town, but that's a jump to several 100 kids, so I'm trying it small first.
I stopped doing registration - I keep statistics only for actual participation now. I am giving out museum passes to all the Dig into Reading participants when they "register" i.e. get their first bookmark, because I have an unlimited number of those and I wanted something to give people when they "signed up".

You are welcome to use my materials, but please be aware the the artwork is copyrighted by the CSLP, so if your library does not participate in that program you will need to use different artwork.

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