Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Outreach Storytime: Folktales

  • Program Goals
    • Introduce kids to folktales
    • Complement school curriculum focusing on folktales
    • Distribute handout to encourage kids to visit the library
Toddlers (*nonfiction)
  • Gator, Gator, Gator by Daniel Bernstrom (2019)
Preschool and Kindergarten (*nonfiction)
  • Elephant's garden by Jane Ray (2019)
  • No dinner by Jessica Souhami
  • Foxy by Jessica Souhami (2019)
  • That's good, that's bad by Aliki
  • Goldilocks and the three dinosaurs by Mo Willems (2019)
Long Stories (*nonfiction)
  • How many donkeys by Margaret Read MacDonald (2019)
  • Party Croc! by Margaret Read MacDonald (2019)
  • The evil princess vs. the brave knight by Jennifer Holm (2019)
  • The Princess and the Pig by Jonathan Emmett
  • The great race by Nathan Scott
  • Footprints in the snow by Mei Matsuoka
Learning points
  • Folktales from difference cultures
  • Morals about kindness and helping others

Friday, October 4, 2019

Library on the Go: Fall 2019

I have a smaller schedule of LOTG visits this fall, mostly just one elementary school and OPtions, our charter school. The first grade classes I am visiting are larger - about 60 students as opposed to 40 - and I almost immediately got low on easy readers, so I'll need to beg for some more funding there. For more information on Library on the Go, you can check out previous posts.


  • Three 1st grade classes (60 books)


  • Three 1st grade classes (about 60 books)
  • Two OPtions visits (about 10 books)
  • EL night (about 10 Spanish books)

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Bookaneers: Setting sail on the sea of books

making puppets for Mr. Ball
Bookaneers is actually my private homage to China Mieville, but I am not going to tell the 1st graders that.
  • Program Goals
    • Reach beginning readers
    • Collaborate with school reading specialists to meet the needs of struggling readers
    • Encourage kids to build reading skills and enjoy reading!
    • Attendance: 5 kids (grades 1-3)
4:30-4:35: Introduction (new attendees and beginning of the year)
  • Introductions
  • How Bookaneers works
    • At the first meeting, or when they attend for the first time, kids receive a binder with a variety of starter sheets. They can get more sheets as needed from me or at the next meeting. They do not have to fill in the sheets for each book, they're just for fun and to help them remember what they read. I taped a letter to the parents inside each binder. 
    • Books are due at the next meeting. They have a due date taped to the front of each book. Don't forget your library card!
    • It's ok if you don't feel like talking about your book or didn't finish.
    • It's ok to have a parent or friend help you read and/or write in your binder
    • We all read at different levels and speeds. This isn't a contest or a class; we're here to have fun reading together!
4:30 - 5:00: Discussion and craft
  • Make/decorate notebooks and bookmarks if it's the first meeting, discuss what books they like and why and what their favorite things are. 
  • Otherwise, crafts and talking about our books! We talk about genres, what makes a book funny, scary, or sad, expand on nonfiction topics, learn new vocabulary (I'm still trying to get them to remember "anthropomorphic"), and discuss the art in the books. Sometimes the crafts tie into books, sometimes it's just whatever I came up with earlier that day.
  • Final meeting we decorate t-shirts and the kids get a free book
5:00-5:15: Booktalks, snack
  • The kids get a snack (I try to make it something relatively healthy - dried fruit, pretzels, goldfish, apples, etc.) and I booktalk the selections for next time.
  • If it's the last meeting of the school year, they each get a book to keep from the prize cart.
5:15-5:30: Choosing books and wrap-up
  • Kids pick their book(s) for next time, finish crafts, younger siblings come in and eat snacks, etc.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Outreach Storytime: Welcome to Storytime

  • Program Goals: 
    • Introduce ourselves to the children and teachers
    • Set expectations and a routine for outreach storytimes
    • Practice following directions
    • Show them that storytime will be fun!
    • Kids receive a Welcome back to school brochure (adapted from another library)
Toddlers (*Nonfiction)
  • One day in the eucalyptus, eucalyptus tree by Bernstrom (2019)
  • Don't push the button by Bill Cotter (2019)
  • Chicken in space by Adam Lehrhaupt (2018)
Preschool and Kindergarteners (*Nonfiction)
  • Count the monkeys by Mac Barnett (2018)
  • Open up, Please! & Shapes Reshape by Silvia Borando (2018)
  • Hangry by Drew Brockington (2019)
  • This is a taco by Andrew Cangelose (2018)
  • Cyril and Pat by Emily Gravett (2019)
  • Undercover ostrich by Joe Kulka (2019)
  • Warning: Do not open this book and Please open this book by Adam Lehrhaupt (2018)
  • Operation photobomb by Tara Luebbe (2019)
Long Stories (*Nonfiction)
  • Rules of the house by Mac Barnett (2018)
  • Shark vs. Train by Chris Barton (2018)
  • We don't eat our classmates by Higgins (2018)
  • Be quiet! by Higgins (2019)
  • My crocodile does not bite by Joe Kulka (2018)
Movement and Music
Flannelboard and Activities
Vocabulary/Learning Objectives
  • Basics of storytime behavior
  • Social-emotional elements (transitions, calming down when upset, stopping and starting)
  • Contrasts (loud and quiet, kind behavior, mean behavior)

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Let's go nuts!

Playing the acorn game (not sure what happened to his other
squirrel ear!)
  • Program Goals
    • Fun program to start off fall
    • Fall-themed but not too fall-themed
    • Squirrels!
  • Acorn scavenger hunt
    • Purchased fake acorns online at Amazon for about $13
    • Staff and big kids hid them in the children's area
    • Kids went on a scavenger hunt and collected them
  • Tree toss game
    • Staff built tree trunks out of cardboard with holes (used wooden supports from Pigeon cut-out to hold them up)
    • After kids had collected the acorns, they threw them through the holes. You could keep score if you wanted.
    • Bean bags also available for littler hands.
  • Climbing and balancing
    • Honeycomb play system
    • Tape lines on the floor
  • Matching game
  • Collecting bags
    • Sewing machine
    • Pre-cut bags and handles
  • Fall colors
    • Thin cardboard leaves (die-cut)
    • paint, paint brushes
  • Squirrel ears
    • Recycled bulletin board borders
    • Die cut brown ears (actually leaves)
    • Stapler, Stickers
  • Build a contraption
    • popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, wire
    • recyclables
    • hot glue, tape, duct tape, staplers
  • Activity pages
  • Other supplies
    • plastic table coverings
    • aprons
    • sink