About In short, I am busy

This is a resource collection of my programming plans. Feel free to reuse the materials presented here in library settings (storytime etc.) but don't publish it without proper permissions.

The title comes from an old Mbundu poem and I know I read it in an anthology, but I don't remember which, although I was sure it was a Clifton Fadiman anthology, but apparently not. Possibly one edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins?

  Song of an Unlucky Man
Chaff is in my eye,
A crocodile has me by the leg,
A goat is in my garden,
A porcupine is cooking in the pot,
Meal is drying on the pounding rock,
The King has summoned me to court,
And I must go to the funeral of my mother-in-law:
In short, I am busy.
  Trans. By Merlin Ennis

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