Saturday, December 14, 2019

Life-Size Candyland

Ice cream kingdom
  • Program Goals 
    • Holiday-neutral program 
    • Bring library users in during December 
    • Fun! 
    • Attendance: 200
Third year!

I looked at many, many resources online. Pinterest boards for ideas, other libraries who had done the program, and asked staff for ideas as well. These are some of the best resources I found:
Staff minimum: 1 greeter, 2 in charge of crafts, 1 runner, 1 caller for teams.

As people enter the library they sign up as teams with the greeter, who also counts them and hands out the game instructions. They go into our community room for crafts and games and to wait their turn to play.
Caller (usually me) calls teams pretty much non-stop for 2 hours, take them through our workroom to the Storyroom, and start them off with a spinner and a treat bag (if they forgot theirs).
When they finished they could go back in the activity room and decorate their bag and/or crown. If people didn't want to wait for a spinner they could just walk around.
The first year I had teen volunteers at each station; in 2018 some really lovely ladies from the Fairytale Birthday Company volunteered their time and came as Grandma Nutt, Queen Frostine, and Princess Lolly. I hired them in 2019 and will continue to do so, as long as my budget holds out.

Game outline
  • Start in Storyroom - get your spinner and treat bag
  • Ice cream sea
    • Candy was thrown into the "sea" (plastic kiddie pool with ball pit balls - which we washed!). I hung tulle over the shelves and tables and put "ice cream cones" in two artificial white xmas trees.
    • Queen Frostine
  • Candy cane forest
    • Candy canes and candy sticks (made with pool noodles and ribbon)
    • Mr. Mint cardboard cut-out
    • This is along the shelves leading between stations from the storyroom to the ice cream sea and the sea to the gingerbread house.
  • Gingerbread house
    • We finally figured out a way to build a better gingerbread house, using our cardboard makedo set.
    • Grandma Nutt
  • Lollipop land
    • Staff continue to improve on the lollipops - we've had a lot of trouble getting them to stay upright!
    • Princess Lolly
  • Gumdrop mountain
    • This was the stairs to our upper level. My volunteers cut out cardboard gumdrop shapes and we covered them with paint and glitter and leaned them against the wall on the sides.
    • Mr. Jolly cardboard cut-out
  • Candy Kingdom
    • This was in our audiobook room upstairs. It's a contained room. We hung a whole bunch of crepe streamers at the entryway in different colors to walk through and we also built castle walls at the entrance out of chocolate. There are also giant lifesavers (or doughnuts) and cardboard cutouts of Queen Frostine, King Kandy, Princess Lolly, etc.
    • This room had crowns for the kids to take and decorate as it was the final "winning" station as well as candy.
Community room activities
This was the other half of the game. I had a lot of crafts and games for people to do while they waited their turn to go around the gameboard.
  • Candyland board game
  • Candy-colored toss game (no, this was NOT beer pong!)
    • Plastic cups with paper, pompoms (first year we glued them to cardboard, second year free-standing)
  • Make your own lollipop
    • Die-cut cardboard circles
    • Popsicle sticks
    • Tape, markers
  • Make your own magic wands
    • Die-cut cardboard stars
    • Ribbon
    • Popsicle sticks
    • Tape, markers
  • Make your own gingerbread house
    • Popsicle sticks
    • Scratch paper, scissors
    • Hot glue
    • Tape, permanent markers
  • Rainbow drop painting
    • diffuser paper shapes (basically pre-cut coffee filters - figured out this is super easy to do with coffee filters on the die-cut, you don't need to purchase them)
    • scratch paper
    • water color in ice cube trays
  • Additional craft supplies for random crafting and decorating crowns and bags
    • markers, tape, glue
    • pipe cleaners
    • jewels and sequins
    • glitter glue
  • Cover tables with plastic sheeting, bring over sink (and towels), have paper towels available