Friday, November 8, 2019

Library on the Go: Fall 2019

I have a smaller schedule of LOTG visits this fall, mostly just one elementary school and OPtions, our charter school. The first grade classes I am visiting are larger - about 60 students as opposed to 40 - and I almost immediately got low on easy readers, so I'll need to beg for some more funding there. For more information on Library on the Go, you can check out previous posts.


  • Two OPtions - first one about 10 books (beading and pipe cleaners), second about 15 books (same project but only one kid was into it as opposed to everybody the first time). Read some books from my eraser storytime.
  • Tibbets 1st grade classes, about 75 books.

  • Two OPtions - first one about 10 books (beading), second about 30 books (button maker) and I read I am a mouse and Dragons eat noodles on Tuesdays. Gave out all my slime and holiday Craft Extravaganza flyers.
  • Three 1st grade classes (60 books)
  • Three 1st grade classes (about 60 books)
  • Two OPtions visits (about 10 books)
  • EL night (about 10 Spanish books)

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