Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Maker Workshop: Sewing Skirts

  • Program goals
    • Basic sewing techniques
    • Specific project - skirts
    • Build up interest in future workshops and one-on-one
Equipment and supplies
  • 9 sewing machines
    • 3 Elnas from the system
    • 3 Brothers (1 is clunky)
    • 3 older machines - Dressmaker, Sears Kenmore, Singer
  • Fabric and notions
  • Sewing tools
    • marking pencils
    • seam rippers
    • tape measures
    • pins
    • scissors
    • irons and ironing boards
  • Patterns
    • My adaption of Simplicity pattern 2609 copied on muslin
    • tracing paper pattern of "my very own skirt" from Sewing School 2


    • Skirt emporium by Madame Zsazsa
    • Sewing school 2 by Amie Plumley
    • Girl with a sewing machine by Jenniffer Taylor
    • Improv Sewing by Blum
    • 5-7-19
      • Attendance: 8
      • Notes: I had 1 aide helping me set up, 1 associate helping run the workshop, and 1 Friends volunteer helping in the workshop as well. Two moms and their daughters came, one older woman, and a respite caregiver brought a teen I know. The most popular choice was my own pattern. Three people finished a basic skirt, except the hem, and three got started. We'll finish next week. I would have more copies of the pattern next time.

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