Friday, March 1, 2019

Zoey and Sassafras: Magic and Science

green tulle cloak, sassafras fuzzy friend
and blue unicorn slime

  • Program goals
    • Promote beginning chapters
    • School-age program with wide appeal


  • Unicorn slime
    • I got the idea from Better Homes and Gardens but I had them adapt it to use with liquid starch and borax. I'm not paying for that much contact lens solution or whatever and there's nothing wrong with borax if you don't eat it.
    • Recipes from previous slime programs
    • We added shaving cream and food coloring and played around with it.
  • Tutus
    • I had ribbon and fabric tape and a lot of tulle. I helped the kids pin their tulle choices to the ribbon and then zigzag stitched them on. We made both capes and tutus.
  • Caterflies/magical fluffy friends
    • Pompoms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glue dots

I also had our microscope out for the kids to use and several enjoyed looking at that.


  • 3-1-19
    • Attendance: 40?
    • Notes: Everyone wanted to make slime and we had way more people than expected. I stopped counting around 20 and it felt like we had 60 people packed in there, but it was probably around 40. I printed out a handout with Zoey and Sassafras books on it but not many people took it. I had my two aides and a volunteer for part of the time, but people did not want to leave and they were still showing up at 5:30! Next time I do this I'll be firmer about an ending time, do it in the community room for more space, and factor in more cleaning time.

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