Thursday, April 11, 2019

Library on the Go: Winter/Spring 2019

Library on the Go is the outreach bookmobile I run from the back of my car. No, that's not shady at all... It consists of a varying number of paperback easy readers and beginning chapter books which kids are allowed to check out without requiring a library card. There are no due dates or fines. They can return the materials to any library and they will (eventually) make their way back to me. If they do not return them, I have given them a book and that's good too!

The books are funded through a mix of grants, cataloged as professional on a serials record without titles or authors, and I circulate them by checking them out on an outreach card so we get circulation numbers but they're not tied to the kids checking them out. They are usually limited to 1 or 2. I've had as many as 8 bins but right now am at about 3-4.

Depending on the venue, a Library on the Go visit may be me, a few boxes of books, and bookmarks. It may include a craft or project, a storytime or other giveaways. I currently visit two schools during the school year and a variety of venues in the summer.

  • 4-11-19 OPtions virtual charter school
    • About 20 kids
    • Lots of the little kids hurried over to check out books - I am REALLY low on easy readers. Big kids fooled around with drawing supplies and I invited all the kids to our upcoming Star Wars party, but there weren't many Star Wars fans. Not the right group for it I think. A couple of the teens were hoping for a program just for them, but I have a hard time getting teens in and so their programs usually end up being middle schoolers.
  • 4-3-19 Tibbets
    • 2 classes of 1st graders about 40 kids.
    • We read Interrupting chicken and the elephant of surprise and Chicken big and the kids were very excited to pick out books - still lots of requests for Bad Guys but I'm all out!
  • 4-2-19 Jackson Elementary School
    • Wrap-around after school care (13 kids)
    • Bigger group tonight. We painted pots and planted seeds to go with their gardening project, focusing on reading the backs of the seed packets. I checked out a couple books, some of the kids are more enthusiastic readers than others.
  • 3-7-19 OPtions virtual charter school
    • About 30 kids
    • There are a lot of new students and they were having recess indoors, so I got quite a few kids checking out books and a bunch made little felt/popsicle stick puppets.
  • 3-5-19 Jackson Elementary School
    • Wrap-around care (about 10 kids)
    • Small group. We did sand painting (large bins, paper, art sand, glue, popsicle sticks) and my associate came and helped. I should have had cardstock or cardboard for the paintings, but the kids got the idea quickly and I had a lot of sample pictures that tied in with the geography theme. About half the kids checked out books.
  • 3-5-19 OPtions virtual charter school
    • Visited by my associate. She said they were busy with some unexpected events so not many checked out books.
  • 2-20-19 Tibbets 1st Grade
    • Two first grade classes - about 40 kids total
    • I'm running low on books, so I said one each and we mostly stuck to that. They want more Bad Guys, nonfiction easy readers, and disaster/weather books. We read Misunderstood Shark and learned about how they can barf up their stomachs.
  • 2-5-19 Jackson Elementary School
    • After school/wrap-around (about 15 kids)
    • I brought cardboard boxes and hot glue to go with their building theme, as well as a basket of books for their center. Checked out about 10 books and helped paint a model of the Statue of Liberty!
  • 2-5-19 OPtions virtual charter school
    • Visited by my associate
  • 1-22-19 OPtions virtual charter school
    • About 30 kids total
    • Checked out about 20 books. This is the bigger group, but incipient winter storms meant a much smaller attendance than usual. We did have several kids use the ozobots and the main purpose, to introduce my new associate to the teachers, kids, and school so they can handle Tuesday visits in future, was fulfilled.
  • 1-17-19 OPtions virtual charter school
    • About 30 kids total
    • Checked out about 10 books. Brought the ozobots and the younger kids played with them a little, but they were going out for recess. Gave flyers to middle schoolers for Book Explosion (had 18 kids later that day as a result!)
  • 1-16-19 Tibbets Elementary School
    • One 1st grade class (2nd class was testing)
    • Read Bruchac's Rabbit's snow dance and checked out 2 books to each kid
  • 1-9-19 Jackson Elementary School
    • After school/wrap-around (about 15 kids)
    • Brought air-dry clay to go with their paleontology theme. I only checked out a couple books, but I also supply this group with a selection of library books each month so this is more of an outreach stop than a LOTG stop anyways.

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