Friday, October 19, 2018

Free Lego Build

After many, many years of running Lego Building Club, I moved away from that in favor of open Lego days. The reasons were many - we got new carpeting in our community room, so I tried to shift as many programs back to the Storyroom as possible. It was taking a lot of staff time to haul all the Legos across the library and supervise and attendance was dropping as people got involved in other activities. I had initially moved Lego Building Club to the Community room years ago for space issues and now we could move it back!

The Storyroom has three entrances/exits. You access it from the play area, so moms with younger kids can hang out there while the older kids build. There's an emergency exit tucked in a back corner that leads outside. Finally, the door you see in the photos above leads into my office/staff workroom.

I or my aide sets Legos up on Thursday evening, after whatever other program we have is finished. We put out three big white tables, all the lego bins, and an easel with a sign-in sheet. Friday morning, staff who open prop the door open. That's it. On Saturday or Monday, whichever somebody next works, the Legos are picked up and the sign-ins tallied. I pop in and out throughout the day and occasionally snap some pictures or chat with families. Since we've started doing this, we've averaged about 20-30 people throughout the day and for where we are right now it's working out really well.

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