Saturday, October 6, 2018

Collaborating with your public library: A win-win for everyone!

This is a 30 minute talk I gave at a local childcare center for their professional development day.

Learn about the many different resources, materials, and services offered by public libraries in general and the Matheson Memorial Library in particular. Storytime kits, technology, online resources, and new books will be showcased along with tips for use in early childhood classrooms.

Talking points
  • What is a library consortium and how does it work?
  • Ask your consortium if they offer
    • Institutional cards/classroom collections
    • Field trips and/or classroom visits
    • Storytime kits
  • Things you may be able to check out at your library
    • Storytime kits and/or toys
    • Maker kits/technology/STEM kits
  • Professional resources you may be able to share
    • Books - child development, storytimes, play spaces, and early literacy
    • Library resources - puppets, die cuts, etc.
Matheson Memorial Library resources
  • Field trips/classroom visits
  • Institutional cards/classroom collections
  • Materials
    • Storytime kits and toy bags
    • Audiobook bags
    • Maker kits
  • Professional resources
    • Professional collection books (includes Big Books)
    • Die cuts (bring your own paper)
    • Craft supplies (glitter, magnets)
    • Puppets, legos, other interesting toys
Online resources
  • Kanopy, Hoopla, Tumblebooks, Freegal (depends on library)
  • Professional resources - Gale courses, Learning Express, (depends on library)
  • Overdrive, Badgerlink
Badgerlink resources
  • Education - Wisconsin Public Television
    • Young Performer's Initiative (music and dance appreciation)
    • PBS Learning Media Wisconsin (educational videos)
  • (activities and teacher resources for books)
  • Britannica School Elementary (nonfiction videos and other resources)
The world of library resources
  • Mel's Desk
  • Curious City DPW
  • Delightful children's books
  • Show me librarian - All things STEAM

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