Saturday, September 22, 2018

Princess in Black party

  • Program goals
    • Saturday program for September
    • Popular chapter book series
    • It seemed like a good idea at the time
  • Craft: Create your own pony
    • Create a hobby horse out of cardboard
    • Supplies
      • Horse heads cut out of cardboard (pattern from my colleague, cut out by volunteers with varying levels of success)
      • Long cardboard tubes
      • Masking tape, markers
      • Yarn
      • Scissors
  • Craft: Create a glitter ring
    • Create and decorate a jeweled ring
    • Supplies
      • Pipe cleaners
      • Jewels
      • glue dots
  • Craft: Create a disguise
    • Decorate both or either of a butterfly mask and a superhero mask
    • Supplies
      • Markers
      • Jewels, feathers, sequins/glitter
      • Glue
      • Large popsicle sticks, tape
  • Craft: Create a scepter
    • Tape together and decorate pasteboard strips to be a monster-fighting scepter
    • Supplies
      • Pasteboard strips
      • Tape, glue
      • Jewels, markers
  • Craft: Create a tiara
    • Decorate and put together a tiara
    • Supplies
      • Printed patterns from online
      • Tape, scissors
      • decorations
  • Craft: Create a monster puppet
    • Make a felt or sock hand puppet
      • Supplies
        • Leftover felt puppets and pieces
        • Socks
        • Hot glue
  • Game: Monster smash
    • Cardboard backdrop, aide behind it throws up balloons, kids jab them with their scepters
      • Cardboard backdrop (use previous ones)
      • Balloons
  • Game: Pony race
    • Lobby - (open doors at the end so they don't smash into them? or pile cushions in front of the closed doors?)
    • Alarm sound - kids race their hobby horses down the lobby.
  • Decorations and misc.
    • Pink and black streamers
    • Books

Friday, September 21, 2018

Outreach Storytime: Cats

to add - fat cat (danish folktale), three little kittens, cat says fiddle-i-fee
  • Program Goals: 
    • Introduce kids to animal behavior
    • Fun, non-holiday storytime!
    • Distribute interactive handout with program marketing
Toddlers (*nonfiction)
  • Cat book by Silvia Borando
Preschool and Kindergarten (*nonfiction)
  • Cat wishes by Kalista Brill
Long Stories (*nonfiction)
  • Millions of cats by Wanda Gag
Movement and Music
Flannelboard and Activities

Vocabulary/Learning Objectives

We Explore Resource List: Seeds/Planting

While I run the We Explore Art series my colleagues run We Explore Outdoors/Fall/Preschool Adventures. I'm collecting here the resources I put together for them for the spring/planting season.

Reading list bookmarks

Flannelboards and manipulatives
Rhymes, Songs, and Movement
Vocabulary and Concepts
Books for babies and toddlers (*nonfiction, B-boardbook)
  • *Planting a rainbow by Lois Ehlert (big book)
  • *Rah Rah Radishes by April Pulley Sayre
Books for preschool (*nonfiction)
  • *Planting the wild garden by Kathryn Galbraith
  • Carrot seed by Ruth Krauss

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Book Explosion: Pokemon and manga

  • Program Goals
    • Meet the needs of kids transitioning out of my Rock 'n' Read book club
    • Encourage both voracious and struggling readers
    • Attendance: 5 (grades 5-6)
[In 2017/2018 I ran this with a different genre each month. It was only mildly successful, so I'm switching to a different pop-culture, book-related theme each month]

Theme: Pokemon and age-appropriate manga

  • Buttons (discarded Pokemon book to cut up)
  • Pokemon stickers
  • Perler beads
Books (Pokemon)
  • Art of Pokemon adventures
  • Pokemon cookbook
  • Pokemon Adventures (1)
  • Pokemon Adventures Black & White (1)
  • Pokemon Adventures Black 2 & White 2 (1)
  • Pokemon Adventures Diamond and Pearl Platinum (1)
  • Pokemon Adventures HeartGold & SoulSilver (1)
  • Pokemon Horizon Sun & Moon (1)
Books (manga for younger readers)
  • Baron the cat returns by Hiiragi
  • Beet the Vandel Buster by Sanjo (1) (2 copies)
  • Big adventures of Majoko by Fuji (1)
  • Big Hero 6 by Ueno (1)
  • Boy and the Beast by Hosoda (1)
  • Cardcaptor Sakura by CLAMP (1)
  • Cardcaptor Sakura (omnibus) by CLAMP
  • Cardcaptor Sakura, Master of the Clow by CLAMP (1)
  • Chi's sweet home by Kanata (1)
  • Complete Chi's sweet home part 1 by Kanata (2 copies)
  • Fluffy, fluffy cinnamoroll by Tsukirino (1)
  • Happy happy Clover by Tatsuyama (1)
  • Hikaru no go by Hotta (1)
  • Howl's moving castle (the manga) by Miyazaki (1) (2 copies)
  • Kiki's Delivery Service by Miyazaki (1)
  • Kingdom Hearts chain of memories by Amano (1)
  • Kingdom Hearts chain of memories by Amano (omnibus) (1)
  • Kingdom Hearts Final Mix by Amano (1) (2 copies)
  • Leave it to pet by Sonishi (1)
  • Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time by Himekawa (1) (2 copies)
  • Ponyo by Miyazaki (1)
  • Spirited away (the manga) by Miyazaki (1) (2 copies)
  • Splatoon by Hinodeya (1)
  • Yo-Kai Watch by Konishi (1) (2 copies)
  • Yotsuba&! by Azuma (1)
Books (manga for older readers)
  • Natsume's book of friends by Midorikawa (1)
  • One piece by Oda (1)
  • Pretty guardian sailor moon by Takeuchi (1)
  • Shugo Chara Chan! by Mizushima (1)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh by Takahashi (1)
  • Amulet: The stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi (2 copies)
  • Capture Creatures by Gibson (2 copies)
  • Click here to start by Denis Markell
  • Howl's moving castle by Diana Wynne Jones
  • Bananya (dvd)

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

STEM Challenge: Build a structure

They made a centipede!

  • Program Goals
    • Drop-in program for all ages
    • Experiment with science concepts and materials
    • Build fine motor skills
    • Build STEM skills
    • Attendance: 20


  • Marshmallows
  • Toothpicks
  • Dixie cups
  • Sink and cleaning materials
How it works
  • Kids use marshmallows and toothpicks to build structures. I talked to them about why they were leaning, how to prop them up, why you need a wide base, which structures are sturdier, etc. (mostly this is an on-your-own one - I reorganized the craft closet and worked out at the desk with my teen aide keeping an eye on things).

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Art Workshop: 3-D Paper Collage

  •  Program Goals
    • Drop-in program for all ages
    • Experiment with art techniques and supplies
    • Build fine motor skills
    • Attendance: 20
  • 8x12 white construction paper, cut into halves
  • Paint cups (tempera and biocolor) and brushes
  • Paper towels, heat tool
  • Cardboard (squares left from a different program)
  • Scissors, glue
  • Aprons
  • I adapted this from Art Workshop for Children by Barbara Rucci
How it works
  • Show kids how to fan fold the paper, encourage them to paint lightly. Blot dry with paper towels or use the heat tool (it's basically an extra hot hair-dryer).
  • When their pieces are dry, they can glue them to the cardboard to create collages

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Book Talking Cards

As I work on developing outreach, especially pre-summer school visits, I've moved away from hauling tons of books and started using booktalking cards instead. These are little cards with book covers and a brief description. The kids can take as many as they want, it helps them remember what I talked about, and they make great bookmarks! I've recently updated my cards to go with a large outreach/circulation visit I'm doing soon and I reorganized them into sections. I've attached them all in publisher format. Please use them, as I spent a lot of time on these and would like to make it worth the time and effort!

Spreadsheet of all titles contained in book talking cards

1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade FICTION