Thursday, August 9, 2018

Maker Workshop: Crochet

  • Program Goals
    • Teach kids new skills
    • Offer the opportunity for hands-on learning
    • Promote nonfiction
  • Crochet hooks (20)
  • Sugar 'n' Cream yarn (20)
  • Chromecast
Our adult services librarian suggested the Chromecast so I could show utube videos on the tv (after my aides cast aspersions on my teaching ability). I bought the yarn and hooks at Walmart - probably about $30 for the all of them.


  • 8-9-18
    • Attendance: 15
    • Notes: This time I had my associate (a left-handed crocheter) along to help. I couldn't get the Chromecast running right away but most of these kids wanted one-on-one help anyways. The cotton yarn isn't ideal b/c it tightens up, but it's the only thing I can get in small, easy amounts. I need to get smaller hooks in future. As long as the kids are patient and can wait for us to get to them, it works fine.
  • July 2017
    • Attendance: 10
    • Notes: This is the first time I've tried this maker workshop. A couple picked it up right away, one was really too young and mostly just sat there (I did show her how to finger knit) and one was left-handed which I was not prepared for. She was very gracious despite my fumbling attempts to help her and did end up with a little chain. The others, once they pushed through the initial frustration, all ended up with chains and one really got into it, refusing to tie hers off at the end as she wanted to keep going. The really tricky part is always the tension and if you don't have the manual dexterity to hold the yarn loosely, it's very frustrating. I think it went pretty well though and everyone had a good time.

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