Wednesday, July 18, 2018

We Explore Art: Lois Ehlert

  • Program Goals:
    • Introduce Lois Ehlert and her art
    • Practice motor development (cutting, gluing), using rulers and scissors
Art Project Part 1: Cutting (10-10:15)
I had pre-cut magnets of different shapes. Kids cut out and glued on paper. I also have matching games with magnets that go on our magnetic chalkboard.
Storytime/Snacktime: 10:15-10:40
I sing the Storytime Song to bring everyone back. Depending on the age of the kids, we'll talk about different aspects of the art, anything from identifying colors and shapes to asking questions about the author's process and materials.
  • Books
    • Planting a Rainbow (big book) (talk about colors)
    • RRRalph (talk about found objects in collage)
    • Fish Eyes (talk about counting)
    • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (sing, talk about letters)
    • Oodles of animals (talk about shapes)
Art Project Part 2: Collage (10:40-11)
The kids used the found objects (one tub for each table) to create pictures.
  • Supplies
    • Found objects (yarn, buttons, seeds, etc.)
    • Glue, construction paper
  • 7-18-18
    • Attendance: 15?
    • Notes: Another one I recycled. I read part of a book to about 2 kids and then people came and went for several hours playing with the magnets. We just used stickers, magnet pieces, and scissors.
  • 10-11-17
    • Attendance: 12
    • Notes: Very last minute - I reused the stuff throughout the day with school groups and didn't have any leaves or anything. It rained!
  • 9-12-15
    • Attendance: 17
    • Connections/Feedback: Lots of positive comments about how much they enjoyed the program. Two caregivers weren't familiar with Ehlert and checked out a lot of her books. I reconnected with a homeschool family that is going to start attending programs again and talked to two families about having programs a little later in the morning so 4K children could attend.
    • Notes for the future: 12 people came to the program itself, two families went to get their four year olds at school afterwards and came back, and one family came afterwards.

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