Friday, July 27, 2018

We Explore Art: Gianna Marino

Using watercolor pencils
  • Program Goals
    • Introduce Gianna Marino and her art
    • Try different kinds of painting
    • Offer a smaller, quieter program
    • Attendance: 10-15
Art Project Part 1: Water color pencils (10-10:15)
  • Supplies
    • Paper
    • Water color pencils
    • Water cups, paintbrushes
Storytime/Snacktime: 10:15-10:35
I sing the Storytime Song to call everyone to the carpet and pass out the snack. Depending on the age of the kids, we'll talk about different aspects of the art, anything from identifying colors and shapes to asking questions about the author's process and materials.
  • Books
    • Too tall houses
    • Following papa's song
    • Night animals
    • If I had a horse
    • I am the mountain mouse
    • Zoopa
    • Meet me at the moon
    • Boy, a ball, and a dog
    • One too many
    • Splotch
Art Project Part 2: Paint (10:40-11)
The kids could start a new project or add to their previous one. I let them mix colors on paper plates.
  • Supplies
    • Paint cups (tempera)
    • Paper
    • Paper plates, brushes
  • 7-27-18
    • Attendance: 15-20
    • Notes: This was a new art program.

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