Monday, February 18, 2019


Craft-o-rama is my drop-in program. I use it on Tuesdays in August, to replace our most popular storytime provider, and on no-school days. It takes about 20 minutes to set up and, depending on how many people came through, up to an hour or more to clean up. If possible, we'll clean and refill the sink at least once during the day. The posted times are generally 10-5 or 10-7, depending on when I can schedule someone to clean up. I usually open the room earlier, as soon as it's been set up.

Easel with sign-in sheet. This is how I count attendees.

Small door is locked and I set one white table against it. This has the base materials - boxes of scrap paper and magnet pieces.

Craft-o-rama tubs. I dump leftover craft materials and donated pieces of kits etc. in here. Every now and then I'll dump most of it and start over.

Art table. This is all stuff from the Storyroom closet to use. I vary this somewhat, these are the basics.

Big scissors, tape, staplers, glue, markers, stickers, small scissors

Paint cups and brushes

Craft-o-rama tub. This one has some easter grass, ribbon, bits of holiday stuff, and who knows what

Craft-o-rama tub. This one has some bits and pieces from books, left over puppets, glow in the dark spiders, and other stuff

Craft-o-rama tub. More easter grass, leftover tissue scraps, bags of sequins

Some sample creations: paper design

Some sample creations: magnet

Some sample creations: 3-D paper collage

Some sample creations: Glitter flower and painted egg (apparently there was a pack of felt mice in there too)

Some sample creations: Glitter flower

Some sample creations: Glitter dresses

People are generally pretty good about cleaning up after themselves, but if we've had a LOT of people and some unsupervised kids, it can get messy! We'll usually drop in a few times throughout the day to pick up finished projects and tidy things. Ultimately, it's not a large space to clean up though.
 - pack up and put away items from the closet (all labeled boxes, paint cups have tops that match a shape)
 - collect and put in the craft-o-rama tubs any leftover bits and pieces
 - wipe down tables
 - wipe down and clean sink
 - vacuum (usually need to clean the vacuum after this)

  • 2-18-19
    • Attendance: 20?
    • Notes: I haven't actually looked at the sign-in sheet. This was an abbreviated one - no paint and no glitter and we cleaned it up at 3:30 for Paws to Read. I also hadn't advertised it. A few families came and enjoyed themselves.
  • 10-1-18
    • Attendance: 50ish
    • Notes: My associate ran most of this one. She said there was a steady stream of people. My aide cleaned up and it didn't take too long - mostly washing the paint brushes and cleaning the sink.
  • 8-21-18
    • Attendance: 30ish
    • Notes: I was sick - came in late, left early. There was a fair mess the next day, but nothing too horrific. People were sad it was the last one for the season.
  • 8-14-18
    • Attendance: 30?
    • Notes: I was gone for much of the afternoon/evening. I only got one attendance sheet back, but I swear there were more! So I'm really guessing at the attendance. I did get several adults, not accompanied by kids, attending which was great! I love to foster inter-generational connections and it was so cool to see them enjoying themselves with some free art time.
  • 8-7-18
    • Attendance: 50
    • Notes: August is a slower month, but we had a good turnout today.
  • 7-31-18
    • Attendance: 90 (20 was a school)
    • Notes: This one got a little messy b/c one unsupervised kid dumped glitter on their cousin. Plus, the sheer volume! But everything stayed in the room and it got reasonably clean by the next day's program. I had a volunteer spend about 2 hours thoroughly scrubbing the tables and chairs at the end of the week to get off the accumulation of the the last 7 months as well.

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