Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Messy Art Club: Landscape Art

  • Program Goals
    • Motor development (pouring and stirring)
    • Patterns
    • Encourage creativity and experiment with different art techniques and supplies
    • Provide a flexible program open to all ages and skill levels
    • 20 children and adults in attendance
Landscape Art
  • Supplies
    • sand
    • glue
    • paint
    • scrap paper
    • regular paper
    • cleaning supplies
  • From Pink and Green Mama
  • Resources: Print outs and books of aerial photography
Project: Sand Art (with shells)

  • Sand, shells
  • Thick paper - recycled cardstock and/or construction paper, paper plates, pencils
  • Plastic tubs, spoons (dixie cups b/c someone took a bunch of my spoons)
  • Glue sticks, glue

  • 3-6-18
    • Attendance: 20
    • Notes: Sigh. This program has really died off. Kids loved doing it, but it was just a handful of participants. Plus I had nothing to cover the tables so it was a little more messy than usual.
  • 7-31-14
    • Attendance: 58
    • Connections/Feedback: Talked to parents about making art with kids - it's ok for them to make something too!
    • Notes for the future
      • 7-31-14: Small tubs of sand are perfect - a few left over and enough for everybody.
      • 9-26-13: Used leftover colored sand and shells. Kids really like to just mix it all up, so it's not worth buying the sand in bulk.

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