Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Winter Wigglers: Interactive Storytime

  • Program Goals
    • Offer an active program during winter
    • Offer a program on Wednesday morning that will be open to toddlers and preschoolers
    • Encourage parents to play with their children
    • Attendance: 20
  • Used 3-14-18
    • Shake the tree by Silvia Borando
    • There are cats in this book; There are no cats in this book by Viviane Schwarz
    • Foxy by Jessica Souhami
  • Used 1-17-18
    • Can you make a scary face by Jan Thomas
    • Don't push the button by Bill Cotter
    • It's a tiger by David LaRochelle
    • Tap the magic tree by Christie Matheson
    • Shapes, reshape by Sylvia Borando
    • Jump! by Scott Fischer
  • Additional titles
    • Press here by Herve Tullet
    • Clap your hands by Lorinda Cauley
    • Touch the brightest star by Christie Matheson
  • 3-14-18
    • Attendance: 3
    • Notes: Pattie did the morning session, this was the afternoon session. First day of good weather, only one family came. It worked out well b/c one of the children had severe visual impairments, so there wasn't anybody else in the way of them enjoying the stories!
  • 1-17-18
    • Attendance: 25
    • Notes: I added an activity and it was very popular. We revamped this program with a whole new slate of activities (and three different staff offering it). This day was no 4K and we got a great turn-out.
  • 1-6-16
    • Attendance: 20
    • Notes: I had a group of about 6 kids, ages 2-4, who participated enthusiastically and then a lot of parents and toddlers who came and went. It felt weird not having an opening and a closing, and one kid was disappointed there was no craft, but I want to keep it simple and basic for Winter Wigglers.

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