Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mad Scientists Club: Candy Science

  • Program Goals
    • Experiment with food (chemical reactions)
    • Attendance: 35
When kids came in they got to pick up a cup of candy and then took it to the different stations.

Experiment: Sour Candy Bubble Test
  • Supplies
    • sour candy
    • baking soda
    • bowls and warm water
Experiment: Candy Oil Tests
  • Supplies
    • candy - Starbursts, Skittles, Tootsie rolls, or taffy
    • bowls and warm water
    • microwave and plates (optional)
Experiment: Shedding candy skin
  • Supplies
    • candy - jelly beans, dots, tootsie rolls
    • bowls and warm water
Experiment: Candy Colors
  • candy - skittles, lollipops, other color-coated candy
  • bowls and warm water
  • coffee filters, foil
  • glasses with 1/2 inch of water
Experiment: Melting marshmallows
  • regular marshmallows and Peeps (of differing flavor and shelf life)
  • paper plates
  • old microwave
Project: Marshmallow building
  • marshmallows of various sizes
  • toothpicks

  • All experiments were from Loralee Leavitt's Candy Experiments and Candy Experiments 2
  • I made handouts of the different experiments to do on the tables. You can see them here.


  • 3-13-18
    • Attendance: 36
    • Notes: We just did marshmallows this time around. Marshmallows and Peeps. The kids were perfectly happy eating, melting, rinse and repeat.
  • 4-20-17
    • Attendance: 45
    • Notes: I've done this once before but I didn't take any notes so I basically recreated this from scratch. I think last year I had starbursts and more taffy-like candy - that has more interesting melts. It felt like hardly anyone came, but it's one of those programs where people only come for a little while.

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