Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Rock 'n' Read: Let the show begin!

Magicalamity wings
  • Program Goals
    • Continue book clubs with kids who have aged out of Bookaneers or find the lower books too easy.
    • Encourage kids to build reading skills and enjoy reading!
    • Attendance: 5 kids (grades 3-5)
4:30-4:35: Introduction
  • Introductions
  • How Rock 'n' Read works
    • At each meeting kids will get a new notebook (if needed) and choose 1 or more books to check out (don't forget your library card!). Books will be due at the next meeting.
    • It's ok if you don't feel like talking about your book or didn't finish.
    • We all read at different levels and speeds. This isn't a contest or a class; we're here to have fun reading together!
4:35 - 5:15: Discussion, craft, snack
  • Make/decorate notebooks and bookmarks if it's the first meeting, discuss what books they like and why and what their favorite things are. Otherwise, crafts and talking about our books!
5:15-5:30: Booktalks, Voting
  • I booktalk each book and have them vote on which one they want. It depends on how many kids attend. Sometimes I write/draw them on the chalkboard. Sometimes I put them on the whiteboard or put bowls in front of the books for them to put their names in. Sometimes the group is small enough not to have to take turns.
  • If it's the last meeting of the school year, they each get a book to take home to keep from the prize cart.
  • 3-14-17
    • Attendance: 11
    • Project: Houses
  • 2-14-17
    • Attendance: 12
    • Project: It was Valentine's Day so I had wooden hearts, glitter, and heart cut-outs for iris folding.
  • 1-17-17
    • Attendance: 11
    • Notes: Whole group of new kids. I'm getting more 5th graders - definitely going to start a 5th/6th club next year.
  • 12-13-16
    • Attendance: 5
    • Project: Despite the cold and holidays, 4 regulars and 1 new reader showed up! (ok, to be totally honest, one new reader was firmly collected and brought in). We decorated left over ornaments but otherwise weren't feeling too chatty. Our mouths were full of Oreos and M&Ms.
  • 11-8-16
    • Attendance: 10
    • Notes: Woo! Everyone came plus more! It's really just scheduling (and thinking not as many people were coming so requesting fewer books).
  • 10-11-16
    • Attendance: 6
    • Notes: Several kids have had to drop out and we are a bit quiet. I need to promote again.
  • 9-13-16
    • Attendance: 8
    • Notes: This group has some very picky readers and some very voracious readers. It will be a challenge to keep up with all of them!
  • 5-10-16
    • Attendance: 8
    • Notes: A few people were sick. Everyone was much chattier this time. They requested oreos next year but we also talked a lot about books and who was coming back. We took a group picture all wearing wikki stix glasses!
  • 4-12-16
    • Attendance: 9
    • Notes: Darn. Only one of my new attendees returned. I've been doing just general crafts and we decorated cloth puppets. It was a short meeting - it was hot in the room and nobody felt very chatty for some reason so we only went about 30 minutes.
  • 3-8-16
    • Attendance: 11
    • Notes: Woo! I pulled in a bunch of new attendees. Graphic novels and mysteries are favorites. I have some that can read longer/harder books, but are so busy with school and other reading that they don't have time so I think I will stick to shorter books.
  • 2-9-16
    • Attendance: 7
    • Notes: I had a headache and we were pretty quiet overall this time. The kids were hungry and wanted more food! Hamster Princess was the favorite of the evening with mixed feelings about Island Horse. Only one boy (and also the only older kid) came and I grabbed Zombie Makers for him as well as the selections. I picked shorter books as the kids seemed to be having trouble finishing and they were very happy about that.
  • 1-12-16
    • Attendance: 6
    • Notes: 1 new kid who's coming another time, 3 didn't make it. I had a bad cold. We enjoyed making popsicle stick and duct tape creations.
  • 12-8-15
    • Attendance: 9
    • Notes: 1 new kid, have realized that the crafts just need to be something to keep the hands busy while we talk. Also, I'm tired of serving cookies.
  • 11-10-15
    • Attendance: 7
    • Notes: We did Operation Gingerbread, Can you survive checklist game, and Fairy Wings. Mostly wings b/c 7 girls showed up and that's what they all wanted to do. 3 kids showed up a few days later to get their books - either weren't able to come or had the wrong day.
  • 10-13-15
    • Attendance: 8
    • Notes: I was called to jury duty so came in halfway through and my colleague ran part of it. It was crazy but everyone had fun and plans to return.

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