Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mo Willems: Pig Party!

Let's go for a drive!
  • Program Goals
    • Saturday program in spring
    • Celebrate Elephant and Piggie!
  • Craft: Elephant and Piggie Puppets
    • Create puppets with lunch bags and puppet pieces
    • Supplies
  • Craft: We are in a book
    • Create your own books
    • Supplies
      • Handmade paper, notebook paper
      • Scissors, staples
  • Craft: We are growing!
    • Create your own grass character puppets
    • Supplies
      • Green paper, markers, scissors, popsicle sticks, tape
  • Craft: The Cookie Fiasco
    • Create a cookie
    • Supplies
      • Cardboard circles (die cut)
      • Markers, decorations, glue
  • Game: Can I Play Too?
    • Mark off area
    • Game is to keep a balloon (ball) in the air without using your hands
    • Supplies
      • Balloons
      • Masking tape (to mark floor)
  • Game: Let's go for a drive/Don't let the pigeon drive the bus!
    • Masking tape road lines in lobby - have kids decorate cars and "drive" them in the lobby. Must take turns! At least one person to supervise!
    • Supplies
      • Cardboard boxes, stickers, markers
  • Food
    • I Really Like Slop!
      • cereal to mix and match
      • Supplies
        • Bowls, cups (for scooping), spoons
        • Breakfast cereal
    • Should I share my ice cream?
      • ice cream, bowls, spoons
      • server, napkins, trash can
    • Duckling gets a cookie?!
      • cookies from school, napkins
  • Decoration and Misc.

  • 3-18-17
    • Attendance: 85 (including teens who came to get cookies)
    • Notes: The stations worked out well. Have more tables in the lobby to decorate the boxes - people brought them in and it took up all the tables.
  • 5-14-16
    • Attendance: 80
    • Feedback and Connections: A lot of toddler families that usually only attend Pattie's events. This was a good opportunity to let them know about upcoming summer programs. We had a larger group b/c the local ballet studio needed a place to dance at the last minute so a big group came over to add a little pizzaz to our program.
    • Notes: While I'd prefer to have staff to help out and there were some other ideas I didn't use - There is a bird on your head craft etc. - this went really well overall.

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