Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Winter Wigglers: Obstacle Course

  • Program Goals
    • Offer an active program during winter
    • Offer a program on Wednesday morning that will be open to toddlers and preschoolers
    • Encourage parents to play with their children
    • Attendance: 20

  • Obstacle Course pcs (in file cabinet behind Jennifer’s desk)
  • Masking tape, stickers, easel with poster/instructions
  • Boxes for airfield (use B&T boxes from basement or tech services)
  • Hoops, beanbags, playground balls (basement)
  • Bubble wrap and foam sheets (basement)
  • Blocks from closet
  • Puppets in Storyroom

There are five possible activity areas

  • The Airfield OR Hoops and Beanbags
    • Set-up in open area in front of children’s desk
      • Use the masking tape to make a “runway” on the floor. Kids decorate boxes with stickers and then take turns “flying” their airplanes.
    • OR
    • Set-up in open area in front of children’s desk
      • Lay out the hoops on the floor
      • Optional - add “targets” or a line to stand behind with masking tape
      • Kids jump or throw beanbags into the hoops
  • Obstacle Course
    • Set-up: Lay the obstacle course pieces out in order between the shelves
      • Add a strip of masking tape for the “tightrope”
      • Make sure the jumping dots are lined up
  • Bouncy place
    • Set-up: Ideally integrate it into the obstacle course, put it after the frog or kangaroo bouncing spots. Needs a fairly open area. Lay out the bubble wrap and foam sheets.
  • Soft and Cozy Fun
    • Set-up
      • Put out tub of puppets. Pull curtain across. Remind kids NOT to go behind the curtains. Open puppet theater doors (tops). Lock ONE side of lower doors.
      • You can put out some of the simpler/soft baby toys, but NOT the ball pits.a mistake b/c big kids get into it)

  • 2-8-17
    • Attendance:
    • Notes: Jess did the other activity stations, including some additional ones she made up, like pieces of pool noodles to jump over.
  • 2-1-17
    • Attendance
    • Notes: Jess ran this. We put felt on the bottom of the obstacle course so we didn't have to tape them down. It was just the obstacle course this time. We are busy.
  • 1-27-16
    • Attendance: 28?
    • Notes: Jess ran this for me. I forgot to tell her not to do the ball pits, but nobody was seriously injured. She didn't do the airfield but had a much snazzier layout for the obstacle course.
  • 11-18-15
    • Attendance: 35?
    • Notes: This was very last minute and we just had the bouncy maze and lots of bubble wrap and the foam to jump on. I'm revamping this next year. A lot of people showed up though, b/c I did toddlers yesterday and advertised it.
  • 2-4-15
    • Attendance: 22 (morning)
    • Connections/Feedback:
    • Notes: I didn't finish planning this until the day before, so I didn't have time to pull all the active books for display that I wanted. I also considered borrowing hula hoops next time and doing some scavenger hunts in the picture book area. It took about an hour, with two circ staff helping me, to set everything up so I left it all up most of the day to get the full use out of it! I had expected a much bigger group, but we had a snowstorm last night.

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Lindsey said...

Hello Jennifer, I'm working on a webinar about preschool programming and I'm wondering if I could this program as an example? Could you email me at or let me know how to contact you?