Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Take Home Storytime: Oceans

  • Program goals
    • Pass on early literacy message and encourage families to continue early literacy at home
    • Encourage circulation and storytime attendance
    • Reach families who are unable to attend storytime
    • Notes
      • Last used
    • Supplies
      • Brown paper lunchbag
      • Bleeding art tissue paper
      • Die cut (white) paper whales
Miss storytime? You can practice many of the early literacy concepts we use in storytime at home! Don't forget to sign up for text alerts so you can make it to the next storytime!

Theme: Oceans

Use the five early literacy practices; talking, singing, reading, playing and writing with these books and projects!

TALK about the books. Some of the books are poetry - how are they different from the storybooks? Read the nonfiction book About Crustaceans and talk about what crustaceans you have seen.

Get ready to WRITE by using fine motor skills to make a rainbow whale

You will need scratch paper (newspaper or paper bags), paintbrush, and water
Instructions - put your whale on the scratch paper. Lay your bleeding art tissue on the whale. "Paint" it with water and watch the colors bleed onto the whale!

SING a song. Take a familiar tune (the wheels on the bus) and change it up. Sing about "the animals in the ocean" or "the fish in the aquarium".

PLAY in the water! Can you float things in a sink or bathtub? Which things sink? Which things float?

READ together! The following books offer many different ways to read about oceans.

In the sea by David Elliott
I'm the biggest thing in the ocean by Kevin Sherry
About Crustaceans by Cathryn Sill
Octopus Alone by Divya Srinivasan

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