Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dr. Seuss Celebration

  • Program Goals
    • Popular program theme
    • Afternoon program for all ages
    • It's traditional
    • Attendance: 35
  • For Messy Art program, place tables around the outside of the room for the various crafts. One table by the door holds the Dr. Seuss books.
  • For themed (Saturday) program, tables at the front of the room for cupcakes, movies at the back (circle of chairs around tv), tables at right angles to the walls on the right, tables parallel to walls on the left.
Activity Stations
  • Cat in the Hat: Create a striped Dr. Seuss hat
    • Supplies
      • Paper plates, red and white paper, ribbon/yarn
      • scissors, tape, staplers, hole punch
  • Seuss libs: Fill in the Seuss madlibs
    • Supplies
      • Worksheets with Seuss madlibs
      • Blank paper, markers, pencils
  • Seussimals
    • Supplies
      • Pipe cleaners, Pom poms, beads, buttons
      • glue dots
  • Seuss Masks: Be a Dr. Seuss feathered creature
    • Supplies
      • Paper plate masks (pre-cut)
      • Feathers, markers, yarn/ribbon
      • Glue, scissors
  • McElligott's pool: Decorate and "catch" fish
    • Paper fish (die cut or pre-cut)
    • Handmade paper scraps
    • Yarn/ribbon, popsicle sticks
    • Glue, scissors
  • Movie set up playing Dr. Seuss movies
  • Cupcakes:
    • cupcakes (7 mixes or 100 total), frosting (4-6 tubs), food dye (8 bottles)
    • plates, napkins, (disposable) bowls, popsicle sticks, big spoons for scooping

  • 3-2-17
    • Attendance: 41
    • Notes: I am tired of this program. It was suggested that we do it on Thursday at Messy Art Club instead and I tried that this year. We did not do any food, seusslibs, or movies. People had fun but it was slow. This is the last year I'll do Seuss for a while I think.
  • 3-5-16
    • Attendance: 90
    • Notes: Moved the program to Saturday with very positive response. I panicked that we didn't have enough cookies and Jess made an emergency run to the store for cookie dough to supplement. It might be time to think about some new projects, but these work well and everyone had fun.
  • 2-27-15
    • Attendance 75
    • Feedback/Connections: Lots of families newish to me came - many of them are getting ready to age out of toddler storytime, so that was a great connection to make. Also lucked out with a whole group of school-age and middle school kids. Once I coaxed them into the room they had tons of fun, primarily snapchatting cupcakes!
    • Notes: 3 middle schoolers helped clean up, but overall it wasn't a big deal. 2 hours for set up (with an aide for an hour) and about 30 minutes to clean up (me, aide, 3 volunteers). Cupcakes left as always, so we can do a middle school program on Wednesday. In incorporated the Seusslibs table into the book table so there would be more hat room. Every year one or two kids will come up with an idea for the craft materials and everyone else will hop on board with glee. This year, it was truffula trees (or flowers) made with pom poms and pipe cleaners and glue dots.
  • 2-28-14
    • Attendance: 67
    • Notes: I had my aide stay and run the hat table, which was great. I had both my aides to help clean up, because the Friends wanted to start their Oscar movie asap.
  • 3-1-13
    • Attendance: 75
    • Notes: It helped enormously that I had 2 hours to set up. The only thing I would change is just buy the frosting - 5-6 tubs should be enough and have 4 tables for hats, 3 tables for Seussimals, and 1 table for Seuss libs.

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Thank you for sharing your great program ideas, book lists, and resource materials in this post and all of the others!