Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Winter Wigglers: Block Party

  • Program Goals
    • Offer an active program during winter
    • Offer a program on Wednesday morning that will be open to toddlers and preschoolers
    • Encourage parents to play with their children
    • Attendance: 20
  • Blocks (I plan to slowly grow this collection. I'm especially interested in adding chalkboard blocks, but didn't have time to make them)
    • Vinyl blocks from children's area
    • Wooden, cardboard, and rubberwood blocks from Discount School Supply
    • Duplos and duplo tables
  • Other play materials
    • Chalk for the chalkboard wall
  • I moved all the tables to the back of the room and put on Elizabeth Mitchell or other calm music. There is an easel at the front of the room with a poster for the block party on it and a clipboard for people to sign in.

  • 1-11-16
    • Attendance: 20
    • Notes: Run by my associate
  • 2-10-16
    • Attendance: 30ish
    • Notes: Run by my associate. Really good turnout. We've moved the blocks into the closet so we don't have to keep going down to the basement for them.
  • 1-13-16
    • Attendance: 35ish
    • Notes: Run by my associate. Early Head Start brought a bus of people and held their early literacy event during and after the block party.
  • 9-16-15
    • Attendance20
    • Connections/Feedback: A few people from last year, some drop-ins, and some who had no 4K today so all the people I was aiming at.
    • Notes: I need more of the cardboard bricks. I didn't have the cardboard boxes to decorate this year as I'm using them for something else and I wanted to keep this just to blocks.
  • 1-14-15
    • Attendance: 29
    • Connections/Feedback: Lots of new people and those who usually attend Pattie's programs came. Most did not know we had a program and just showed up to be at the library; a few found the program online.
    • Notes: I somehow completely neglected to realize that all those cardboard blocks (80) would have to be assembled!! I didn't finish until the program was over, even with a volunteer and some moms helping.

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