Thursday, June 11, 2020

Take home storytime: Snow

  • Program Goals
    • Pass on early literacy message and encourage families to continue early literacy at home
    • Encourage circulation and storytime attendance
    • Reach families who are unable to attend storytime
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    • Last used: 9-1-16
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Miss storytime? You can practice many of the early literacy concepts we use in storytime at home! Don't forget to sign up for text alerts so you can make it to the next storytime!

Theme: Snow

Use the five early literacy practices; talking, singing, reading, playing and writing with these books and projects!

TALK about the books you read together. Look for fiction and nonfiction stories about the snow in the Nature: Seasons neighborhood. Practice narrative stories by retelling the story after you read it.

TALK about the books. What animals do you see in the books? How do they behave in the snow? Are they real animals or pretend animals?

Get ready to WRITE by drawing on your snowflakes with crayons or markers.

Get ready to WRITE by using fine motor skills to make a rainbow snowflake. You will need scratch paper (newspaper or paper bags), paintbrush, and water. Put your snowflakes on the scratch paper. Lay your bleeding art tissue on the snowflakes. "Paint" them with water and watch the colors bleed onto the snowflake!

SING along with Kathy Reid-Naiman on her winter CD, "Sing the cold winter away" which includes traditional rhymes and fingerplays as well as holiday songs.

SING a song or do a fingerplay rhyme. Rhyming and clapping rhythms helps children hear the sounds in words, part of phonological awareness. The following rhymes are great for recognizing rhythms and there are several versions online.
  • Five little penguins
  • Five little snowmen standing in a row
  • Search online for "learning with snow by Jean Warren" for more activities and songs
PLAY with your snowflakes. Can you make them whirl like a blizzard? Can you cut out more snowflakes on your own?

PLAY in the snow! What kind of things do animals do in the snow? Can you copy them? Can you look for animals in the snow?

READ some of these stories about snow. Find more stories about snow and winter in the ENATURE/SEASONS and ENATURE/WEATHER neighborhoods.
  • Animals in Winter by Martha Rustad
  • Duck skates by Lynne Berry
  • Fox in the dark by Alison Green
  • Kitten's winter by Eugenie Fernandes
  • Snow day by Komako Sakai
  • Snowy day by Ezra Jack Keats
  • Trudy by Henry Cole
  • Under the snow by Melissa Stewart
  • Waiting for winter by Sebastian Meschenmoscher
  • When Winter Comes by Nancy Van Laan
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