Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kindergarten Field Trip: We are in a book!

  • Program Goals
    • Introduce kids to the library as a fun place
10-15 Minutes art project
Cut out and glue pieces to make a Piggie puppet. Don't forget to write their name on them! Leave them on the tables to dry.

  • Puppet pieces from Thrive After Three
  • Paper bags, glue sticks, markers (write names on puppets)
10-15 Minutes storytime
  • We are in a book by Mo Willems
    • Talk about all the books in the library and how Elephant and Piggie get read again each time they are checked out.
  • We're in the wrong book; This book just ate my dog by Richard Byrne
    • Books from other libraries, how we share between libraries. Reading dog program (if applicable).
  • There are cats in this book; There are no cats in this book by Viviane Schwarz
    • Play in the library, what kind of programs we offer.
  • Chester's masterpiece by Melanie Watt
Additional Activities
  • Pennies in the wishing well
  • Photo ops with the Pigeon (if applicable)
  • Play area
  • Visit the gerbils

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