Thursday, October 27, 2016

Messy Art Club: Collage

  • Program Goals
    • Encourage creativity and problem-solving
    • Allow children to experience different art products and styles
    • Develop fine motor abilities
    • Attendance: 35
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Construction paper
  • Handmade paper (donated from a patron)
  • Paper and tissue scraps
  • Construction paper
  • Recycled cardstock for bases
  • Old magazines
  • Decorations - feathers, sparkly things
  • Die cuts - precut
  • Puzzle pieces
  • Glue, scissors, tape, staplers, hole punches, pencils

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Outreach Storytime: Autumn

  • Program Goals: 
    • Introduce kids to seasons and animal behavior
    • Complement school curriculum focusing on seasons
    • Distribute interactive handout with program marketing
Toddlers (*nonfiction)
  • Tap the magic tree by Christie Matheson
  • Kitten's Autumn by Eugenie Fernandes
Preschool and Kindergarten (*nonfiction)
  • Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert
  • *Every Autumn comes the bear by Jim Arnosky
  • *Rainy, Sunny, Blowy, Snowy by Jane Brocket
Long Stories (*nonfiction)
  • Round Robin by Jack Kent
  • *Eat like a bear by April Sayre
Vocabulary/Learning Objectives
  • omnivore
  • hibernation
  • migration

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mad Scientists Club: Food Science

  • Program Goals
    • Experiment with food (often crosses with mixing magic/chemical reactions)
    • Attendance: 35
Experiment: Popcorn Science
Experiment: Candy Science
  • Experiments from Candy Experiments by Loralee Leavitt
    • candy - sour, tootsie-rolls, peeps, etc.
    • baking soda
    • dishes, containers
I had one person handing out pre-measured amounts of candy and the kids could take it to different stations.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kindergarten Field Trip: We are in a book!

  • Program Goals
    • Introduce kids to the library as a fun place
10-15 Minutes art project
Cut out and glue pieces to make a Piggie puppet. Don't forget to write their name on them! Leave them on the tables to dry.

  • Puppet pieces from Thrive After Three
  • Paper bags, glue sticks, markers (write names on puppets)
10-15 Minutes storytime
  • We are in a book by Mo Willems
    • Talk about all the books in the library and how Elephant and Piggie get read again each time they are checked out.
  • We're in the wrong book; This book just ate my dog by Richard Byrne
    • Books from other libraries, how we share between libraries. Reading dog.
  • There are cats in this book; There are no cats in this book by Viviane Schwarz
    • Play in the library, what kind of programs we do
  • Chester's masterpiece by Melanie Watt
Additional Activities

  • Pennies in the wishing well
  • Photo ops with the Pigeon
  • Play area
  • Visit the hamster

Friday, October 7, 2016

Outreach Storytime: The library is fun!

  • Program Goals: 
    • Introduce myself to the children and teachers
    • Set expectations and a routine for outreach storytimes
    • Practice following directions
    • Show them that storytime will be fun!
    • Kids receive a Welcome back to school brochure (adapted from another library)
Toddlers (*Nonfiction)
  • Open up, Please! by Silvia Borando
  • Shapes, Reshape! by Silvia Borando
Preschool and Kindergarteners (*Nonfiction)
  • That's Not Bunny! by Chris Barton
  • Warning: Do not open this book by Adam Lehrhaupt
  • Count the monkeys by Mac Barnett
  • My Humongous Hamster goes to school by Lorna Freytag
Long Stories (*Nonfiction)
  • None
  • Opening: The more we get together (kids say names when I point to them)
  • ABC Stop song
  • Loud and Quiet
  • Baby Bear counts one; Baby Bear sees blue by Ashley Wolff (I'm just using letters and numbers right now; would like to make a better flannelboard)
  • Closing: Sunny Day
Vocabulary/Learning Objectives
  • Basics of storytime behavior

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

2nd Grade Community Walk

  • Program Goals: 
    • Introduce kids to the library and its role in the community
    • Introduce kids and teachers to the different functions of library staff
    • Give kids and teachers a sense of community ownership of the library
    • Promote school/library cooperation
10-15 Minute Tour
  • Start upstairs at the director’s office
    • The director is the principal of the library. She helps everyone do their jobs, makes sure the library runs smoothly and represents the library to the community.
  • Adult services
    • Mr. Chad and his helpers do all the things for grown-ups that we do for kids - fun programs, new books, helps with computers and visits people who can’t come to the library.
  • Downstairs - Information desk
    • A place for grown-ups to ask questions. Kids can ask questions here too, if there is no one at the children’s desk!
  • Circulation
    • This is where the materials circulate. Circulation staff help keep track of who checks out what, remind you to return your books, put the books away, and answer questions about checking out books, fines, etc.
  • Children’s desk
    • This is where kids can ask questions! If you need help finding something, want a recommendation for a good book, need help with your homework, or want to find out what’s going on for kids in the library. Only Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Jess work here, so if there isn’t someone at the children’s desk you can go ask up front.
  • Technical services
    • Ms. Lindsay is in charge of putting all the information about the books into the computer, so we can find them in the catalog.
    • Ms. Lisa puts the covers on the books and fixes the broken books.
    • Discussion of where new materials (and the money for them) comes from
  • Back to circulation - go through the work room to Storyroom
10-15 Minute Craft and Storytime
  • Storytime
  • Decorate people who are important in the community. Kids leave people to be put up on the wall. Try to discourage ninjas. There are no ninjas in Elkhorn and if there were they would not be an important part of the community.
  • Books
    • The Fox in the library by Pauli (change the sentence about only checking out 10 books)
    • The Book that eats people by Perry
    • Backup books - Chester trilogy by Watt and Cats by Schwarz (in professional collection)
  • Supplies
    • die cut gingerbread people (large)
    • markers