Wednesday, September 14, 2016

First Grade: Let's Read!

  • Program Goals
    • Introduce kids to the library
    • Give them something to take back home and interest parents in the library
    • Make the library a fun destination
Introduction 5 minutes
  • I take about five minutes to introduce myself to the kids, tell them how the game works (they have to stay in the lower library) and remind them not to run and yell. Kids and teachers help hand out the bingo sheets and everyone gets a crayon from the bucket.
Bingo Scavenger Hunt 10-15 minutes
  • This is basically my photo tour for the younger kids but with no tour. I took a whole bunch of pictures and then just scrambled them. You can see the original game boards here. I had a whole bunch of stickers at the youth services desk and as they completed rows (more or less) they got to pick a sticker.
Storytime 10-15 minutes
  • I sat all the kids down in the open area in front of the youth services desk and told them they could draw on the backs of their bingo sheets while they listened to the story. We read A Library Book for Bear by Bonnie Baker and then The Midnight Library by Kazuno Kohara.
Wishing Well and Goodbye
  • The kids trade their crayon for a penny for the wishing well in the lobby and everyone says goodbye! They take their bingo sheets home.

  • 9-14-16
    • 4 classes - run by my associate. She said it went fine and suggested focusing this program on the easy readers, especially as the teachers are encouraging kids to check out books for the classroom this year.
  • 10-7-15
    • Attendance: 4 classes, each came individually, approximately 80 kids and adults total
    • Notes: It was so nice to do this with just one class at a time, and especially when there was no other program going on! Very laid-back and everyone had fun.
  • 10-30-14
    • Attendance: 4 classes total, 2 groups, approximately 80 kids and adults
    • Connections/feedback:  The first group of two classes LOVED this and the teachers told me how marvelous it was. The second two classes were a little doubtful about being noisy, but admitted that it was fine (they were actually quieter than the first classes!)
    • Notes: I tried a new 1st grade tour last year and it was a flop. This year, with ideas from several librarians and staff, I went to a bingo game with no tour and letting the kids loose.

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