Thursday, September 22, 2016

Mad Scientists Club: Mixing Magic

  • Program Goals
    • Experiment with chemical reactions
    • Attendance: 35
Experiment: Bubbles
  • Supplies
    • Different kinds of dish soap
    • glycerine
    • hose
    • bubble wands
    • bowls, eye droppers, spoons
    • big flat tupperwares
    • bubble solution
Experiment: Blobs in a Bottle
Experiment: Baking soda mini-volcanoes
  • Recipe:
    • (dough) 6 cups flour, 2 cups salt, 4 tblsp oil, 2 cups water
    • fill bottle with warm water and food coloring, add a few drops of soap
    • add 2 tblsp baking soda
    • pour in vinegar
  • Supplies
    • flour, salt, oil
    • baking soda, vinegar
    • measuring cups and spoons
    • plastic container (large water bottles)
    • plastic tablecloths, swimming pools
Project: Classic Easy Goo
  • Recipe: 
    • 1 tsp borax, 1/2 cup hot water (mixed)
    • 1/2 cup glue, 1/2 cup water, food coloring (mixed)
    • Pour borax solution into glue solution and stir then work with hands until all the water is worked out.
  • Supplies
    • borax
    • glue
    • food coloring
    • measuring cups and spoons
    • bowls
    • paper towels and plastic tablecloths
    • ziplock bags
  • Polka Dot Slime
  • Color-changing slime
Experiment: Liquid Rainbows
  • Corn syrup, blue dish soap, oil, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, water
  • Large bottles
  • Eyedroppers
  • plastic tablecloths
Extra projects
Many of these can only have a few kids at a time working on them, so I have other art materials out. They can create a volcano with books on display, do sticker art, or draw and write about their experiments.
  • Handmade paper (donated)
  • Recycled cardstock
  • Stickers and colored tape
  • Markers, glue, scissors, staples, tape
  • Sidewalk chalk (for outside programs)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Toddler Substitute Storytime: Dinosaurs

  • Program Goals
    • No children crying because I am not Ms. Pattie
    • Everyone has fun
    • Dinosaurs because why not?
  • Dinosaur parade by Shari Halpern
  • I'm Bad! by Kate McMullan
  • Dinosaur vs. Bedtime by Bob Shea
  • Chalk by Bill Thomson
  • Dino Chomp! by Beatrice Costamagna

Craft: Rainbow dinosaurs
  • die-cut cardboard dinosaurs
  • bleeding art tissue
  • water cups and paint brushes

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

First Grade Let's Read!

  • Program Goals
    • Introduce kids to the library
    • Give them something to take back home and interest parents in the library
    • Make the library a fun destination
Introduction 5 minutes
  • I take about five minutes to introduce myself to the kids, tell them how the game works (they have to stay in the lower library) and remind them not to run and yell. Kids and teachers help hand out the bingo sheets and everyone gets a crayon from the bucket.
Bingo Scavenger Hunt 10-15 minutes
  • This is basically my photo tour for the younger kids but with no tour. I took a whole bunch of pictures and then just scrambled them. You can see the original game boards here. I had a whole bunch of stickers at the youth services desk and as they completed rows (more or less) they got to pick a sticker.
Storytime 10-15 minutes
  • I sat all the kids down in the open area in front of the youth services desk and told them they could draw on the backs of their bingo sheets while they listened to the story. We read A Library Book for Bear by Bonnie Baker and then The Midnight Library by Kazuno Kohara.
Wishing Well and Goodbye
  • The kids trade their crayon for a penny for the wishing well in the lobby and everyone says goodbye! They take their bingo sheets home.