Wednesday, July 20, 2016

We Explore Favorite Artist Denise Fleming

  • Program Goals:
    • Introduce Denise Fleming and her art
    • Encourage gross and fine motor skills (ripping, painting)
    • Attendance: 20
Art Project Part 1: Decoupage (10-10:15)
We did decoupage as the closest thing to making our own paper that I could think of. The kids ripped up tissue paper and "painted" over it with glue. At 10:15ish, I sing the Storytime Song
  • Supplies
    • Shirt cardboard or thick paper (cardstock)
    • Tissue paper in small pieces
    • Glue, paintbrushes
Storytime/Snacktime: 10:15-10:40
I get all the kids more or less sitting down and ask a parent or two to pass out the snack during the first story. Depending on the age of the kids, we'll talk about different aspects of the art, anything from identifying colors and shapes to asking questions about the author's process and materials.
  • Books
    • Beetle Bop
    • Cow who clucked
    • Barnyard Banter
    • In the Tall, Tall Grass
    • Mama cat has three kittens
  • Snack
Art Project Part 2: Paper/Paint (10:40-11)
I had a lot of handmade paper that was donated and fingerpaint to add. This kind of melted into the previous project (my original idea had been for them to take that one home to dry) so a lot of glue and tissue paper was added to this. It's all good!
  • Supplies
    • Handmade paper
    • Fingerpaint
    • Shirt cardboard or cardstock
    • Glue, paper towels, paper plates.
  • 7-20-16
    • Attendance: 6
    • Notes: I was exhausted, we have bad weather coming up, it was mostly toddlers. Painting was fun anyways.
  • October 2014
    • Attendance: 30
    • Connections/Feedback: I had an unusually large group today, with a lot of older kids, and some very enthusiastic parents. I wondered if they'd really enjoy the stories, since Fleming is really directed at younger kids, but they loved them, especially joining in the refrains and animal noises and hanging out to examine the art afterwards and reread the books.
    • Notes for the future: All the art projects kind of ran into each other so note to self - this one will probably not work well with a really large school group. We had a ton of fun, but it's one that would benefit from an assistant! The first project was really a little too long to be done in 15 minutes, but it was ok - they enjoyed coming back to it. I kind of threw it together at the last minute, so it could have benefited from a little more planning. People really liked the apples I brought from the farmer's market!

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