Friday, July 8, 2016

Stuffed Animal Sleepover

This is our 4th annual stuffed animal sleepover. We have weathered the 4 foot tiger, the escape of the hamster (it was NOT my idea to take him out of the cage!), the animals playing poker (again, NOT my idea), irate parents, and the unexpected arrival of 50+ animals, instead of the 20 that everyone else seems to get.

Every year I do it a little differently, depending on what day it falls on, how tired I am, how many people show up to help, etc.

Basically, kids drop off their animals and we ID them. This year I got a cool superhero id badge from another librarian that was awesome. At some point while we're closed for the holiday, I come in with whatever help I can collect and my volunteers take pictures. I then upload the pictures into a Souvenir Booklet for each kid. You can see one of this year's booklets here.

At some point, I make some kind of slideshow and/or posts for Facebook. This year I scheduled posts all Friday afternoon and my associate will hopefully turn the full selection of pictures into a slideshow for Utube on Monday. I had 3 friends taking pictures this year and it took about an hour and a half. Loading all the photos into the booklets took about 3 hours because I forgot to tell my helpers to take the photos in groups and not randomly!

This is a great way to promote the library and it offers a fun and fairly labor-free program for kids who don't get to go on vacation over the holiday. It's a nice thing to look forward to and marks the division between the two months of summer.

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