Friday, July 1, 2016

Maker Workshop: Carpentry

  • Program Goals
    • Teach kids new skills
    • Offer the opportunity for hands-on learning
    • Promote nonfiction
  • 5x5 squares of wood, enough for 15 houses, with a hole in one piece
  • Sandpaper
  • Nails
  • Hammers
  • Pencils
  • acrylic paint
Resources and Display Titles
  • I had both woodworking and bird books
Kids will have the opportunity to create and decorate a simple birdhouse and learn some basic carpentry skills along the way. Registration is required and space is limited, so if you are unable to attend please let the library know. There is no age restriction, but you must have the following skills to attend:

Required skills:
  • Ability to work independently and wait patiently for assistance when needed.
  • Can safely use carpentry implements with minimal supervision (sandpaper, hammer, nails)
  • I reminded everyone of the "tools not toys" rule.
  • I told them to think about the kind of bird they wanted to use their house, how they were going to hang it, and whether or not they would use all the pieces.
  • I demonstrated how to safely use a hammer - small taps to get the nail started, hold it close to the head for more control.
  • 7-1-16
    • Attendance: 14
    • Notes: This had the most sign-ups and enthusiasm. Next time I'd have small hammers, different nails, and a workbench instead of sitting on the ground outside.

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