Friday, July 22, 2016

Field Trip: Explore Elkhorn

  • Program Goals
    • Introduce kids to the library, from the past to the present
  • Tour
    • We started in the oldest part of the library and talked about the history and the way the library used to be. We looked at the geneaology room, the basement, and the cabinet of old books.
    • Next, we looked at the first addition (upstairs). We saw where parts of the outer wall became the inner wall, we looked at the microfilm machine, and we looked at the Christmas Card paintings.
    • Finally, we looked at the newest part of the building, including the children's area. We talked about how the library cataloges and processes materials, how we have many different kinds of materials
  • Scavenger Hunt/Guessing Game
  • Past, Present, and Future library books
    • I folded 9x18 sheets of construction paper and wrote on the front "the library today" inside "the library tomorrow" and on the back "the library yesterday". The kids wrote or drew on the pages.
  • The kids got to explore the library and hang out
  • 7-22-16 (3rd and 4th grade)
    • Notes: Only half the kids ended up coming - they had fun though and were definitely challenged by the guessing game!
  • 7-1-16 (1st and 2nd grade)
    • Notes: I did not do a scavenger hunt with this group

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